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Hello my dears,
Today I am going to post some pictures I took the last weekend visiting the Dajti Mountain near Tirana. Another must visit location if you ever come to the capital of Albania! “Dajti” stands 1613 m above the sea level and is usually covered with snow during the Winter. It is full of forests of pines, oaks, beeches, canyons, waterfalls, caves and other wonders that you can’t visit in only one day.

Since the Winter is knocking on our doors and since I was visiting this very high mountain, I thought to wear some of my warmest clothing in my wardrobe right now. One of them is this Hoodie Shawl Cardigan handmade by a group of talented artists and designers of Sure Design. I just love it’s huge hood and you already know how obsessed I am with hoods!

What made me fall in love with this cardigan is the way how the hood looks so big because it hangs long close to the feet. I also love the knitted work with grey threads as seen from the inside. Super warm and beautiful! Order another similar design at: – There are plenty of other styles of Pixie Sweaters, Hoodie Dresses and Shawls! Use my voucher code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for a discount! World Wide Shipping! Yay!

For a long time now I find myself combining outfits from the Sure Design brand and Thai Harem Pants. I have mentioned before that I combine them almost every time before I shop online. It’s just crazy and awesome how I can combine the perfect outfit with these two brands. For example in this case, I don’t think I could’ve found a better item for the Black Cardigan than these adorable tie dye leggings in olive by Thai Harem Pants. Do you agree?

These leggings are hand dyed like “Lightning Stripes” in Olive color (Olive again…I know!) Such an electric design made with a very soft cotton material. I am seriously living in these! Comfy & Hot! Order your favorite pair at and use my code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for a discount! World Wide Shipping straight from Thailand!

My accessories these time were these earrings I made myself with resin and black glitter. I went for a minimalistic design this time because I also appreciate the beauty of the Space. I also love Black and that’s why it is their main subject. I made two pairs similar in design but one pair has bigger pendants and the other one has them smaller and thiner. I put on both the pairs since I have lots of holes in my ears and that’s how they look like. If you like them, order them by sending me a message here or on my personal IG account:

Look at this gorgeous wooden pendant I won on GIVEAWAY held by Brad Rhadwood who makes incredible things with wood! How cute and lovely is this necklace designed as a cat butt where there is also an Opal Gemstone placed in it? I just CAN’T with such handmade beauties!
Check the shop: and I promise you will be obsessed by all those knots designs if you are a “psyhead” like me! haha

That’s pretty much it from my latest outfit in this Woodland! Hope you liked this article and please feel free to share your opinions above. Love reading your comments!

Until next time,

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