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Within the Wild…

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when things do not go as they are planned and you will feel like you’re drawn in a big ocean where no one understands. While you’re diving into this deep ocean of bad thoughts and hurtful feelings you let all your memories wound you. Yes you will let them wound you all over again as long as you have no power to change the direction. You still don’t understand how did you let all those events happen to you. You even start to blame yourself why everything went wrong. You start to name all your habits that once made you shine. Along this journey you will arrive to the darkest spot. The pain will fill all your body and brain to the point that it will make you think of all the possibilities to survive. As you’re trying to do your best, you learn a lesson very well. No matter the words, events or memories…the true power lies in your hands. And once you begin to notice this detail you start to let go of everything that pushed you down and took away your highest hopes. It’s only during the process of trying to go up that you understand your will and find your might. You accept the fact that every relationship you have attracted in your life were precisely the ones you needed at that moment. Because there’s a meaning behind every event and they are serving to you your own evolution. You understand all the mistakes you have made…even those actions that you were taught that were good. We can change our unconscious attractions by healing the parts of ourselves that crave unhealthy things or people…but to heal it takes pain, disappointment and sorrow. All these emotions mean that you are a very sensitive being with a big heart and you’re not afraid to let others see it even though they want to steal it from you every way possible. Your heart is your strength and there’s where magic lies. You need to know your heart, understand it’s behavior…and everything will come up together. Understanding how bad it is for your health to dim your light for making others feel good is the first step of self love and self transformation. You’ll be incapable of lowering your level once you feel what being pushed down means. And once you survive, you become stronger than ever with some good lessons on your back and you will survive whatever is coming. But never ever forget who you are, your true power, your beautiful mind, your will to make this world a better place. The fire inside you will always be stronger than anything surrounding you. The Universe will make you feel so uncomfortable every time you need to change. And self transformation is a gift! A gift that makes you unbreakable… Now you’re made out of affirmations and self love and have become the authority of your own life. Do you ever wonder how mature it makes you?

This time, me and SmerRuci got ourselves into another Halloween mood with some pretty dark characters. We decided to come up with the image of two different Witches which would represent the wilderness within us. After all the image of a Witch represents a person who does witchcraft or magic, casts spells and also curses. But we also like to believe that Witches are wise woman who have deep knowledge about the world surrounding us starting from herbs and plants to healing different diseases. And that’s the main reason why they have always been burned especially by the church for a woman who knows too much and shares too much of a knowledge different from what the society knows, is likely to be a bad person and a shame! But guess what? The Witches have risen and they’re stronger than ever! Be careful what you wish!

Photography: @smeruci
Model: @smeraldalami@le_kurisu
Location: @gaialakefarm
Makeup: @smeraldalami
Jewelry: @smeruci
Styling: @smeruci@le_kurisu

Hope you enjoyed this article and wish you all a Happy Halloween!


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