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Why Handmade and Slow Fashion matter.

Dear readers,
Today I woke up and I wanted to write an article about choosing to buy handmade and slow fashion clothes. I see handmade as a manifestation of our lives and culture. It is not a mass-imposed thing where everything looks the same and is easily packaged by machines. Each handmade item is about people and the experience of human beings with creativity, their soul and imagination. It’s about the time, energy, skills and techniques of the maker that go into each piece of work. Why do I choose to buy handmade? First of all, handmade products such as clothes, jewelries, decorations or even food are more environmentally sustainable because they don’t need to spend that much energy as mass production to produce. Mass production industries produce a lot of toxic wastes which are dumped into the air, ground and water. Handmade clothing companies or artisans avoid this process by making by hand every piece from scratch. Actually it shouldn’t even be compared to large corporations for they have a totally different way of collecting material, creating, producing and selling. If you buy handmade or handcrafted products you also help communities because people who make money off sales at independent businesses are more likely to spend their salary in the same area where they work to keep creating. This way you also help a family have incomes or a community of artists and dreamers who have made their lifestyle a way of creating constantly and promoting what they love to do. Handmade might cost more but you can be sure that you are paying a fair price for it because there are not any hidden costs, cheap labour or unethical production. You know that the money you pay will go directly to the maker or the artist. This way you are also supporting local craft industries and people, wherever you purchase the items you want. Buying handmade also includes a chance to have your own unique and personalized product offering you a fuller experience. Handmade goods are always produced in a small number, so whatever you’re wearing or eating or adding to your home is as unique as every soul is. Every time I buy something handmade, I get excited not only about the product but also the packaging which is made with the same love and dedication. They usually leave you notes about the product or write thank you letters making you feel all the beauty and satisfaction of buying a new item carefully made for you!

Part of the handmade sector is also Slow Fashion which is about investing in clothing that is not only purposeful in design but also materials. In slow fashion, fewer is better and it’s more about buying better-quality items less often. For example: when you purchase a handmade dress you get it with a good quality of the fabric because slow fashion is based on a more careful fabric selection. They mostly focus on selecting non-synthetic quality fabrics, like cotton, linen, silk and wool. Slow fashion clothing are made to last and they don’t loose the quality of prints, colors and details over years. What’s special about Slow fashion is that they use deadstock fabrics which are the left over fabrics of other fashion houses who didn’t use or weren’t preferable for their clothing. Slow Fashion artists recycle these fabrics and make work of art out of them while helping the environment by the damage of fast fashion.

All of these reasons make me feel so good and proud that I’m collaborating and working with handmade brands. I enjoy every piece of experience starting from ordering the item, the communication with the maker, the good quality, totally unique designs and all of the above. One of this brands is “Soul – Boho Style” which is a Vietnamese handmade brand that sells boho chic, gypsy style clothes and accessories. There you can find all kinds of clothing, shoes and also bohemian home decorations! I chose this beautiful shirt that comes in a very interesting cut making it able to wear in both sides. I love the olive color and mandala print. I also chose some accessories that could fit with the shirt which were these gorgeous earrings with dark green strings and engraved details. Same details go for this special bracelet which fits a lot with my style and favorite color palette plus it looks like an ancient style jewelry so that’s enough for me!

Find the shop on Social Media:

Address: 214/19/1A Nguyễn Văn Nguyễn, phường Tân Định, quận 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Part of my outfit were also these harem pants which for the moment are my favorites in my collection. I just feel so happy and comfortable every time I dive into them! I ordered these magical pants online at where you can find the best selection of Harem Pants, Yoga pants, Fisherman Pants and leggings. I was very surprised but they came really fast!  Thai Harem Pants is located in Thailand and is made of a family of talented artisans who handcraft all the clothing! They believe in clothes and accessories that are as individual as you are that’s why they create items that scream out fun and creativity. Every product is made with heart, designed to bring a little bit of happiness and light to your daily life.

If you would like to buy such fun pants and other yoga or festival clothing, order them here: and you can also save some money by using my discount code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF for every item! FREE International Shipping for all orders over 60$! #harempantsdotcom

Hope you found this article interesting and hoping you will enjoy buying handmade products much more. Have fun with your shopping!


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