What you imagine, you create.

 Hello guys! It’s been a long time I haven’t post anything but I had to take my finals so couldn’t find any time for a photoshoot. So, I thought it would be a good idea to post one of my final projects I had to present these days. As you can tell, this post is totally dedicated to my sculpture and ceramic experience. This subject was part of my school days since it started and now I’m done with it. One of the main reasons we apply this subject is learning how to model real objects in the future. Is about giving life to something which is only part of your mind or just drawn somewhere. It was fun for as long as it lasted. I hope you guys enjoy my work! 
This project was related into creating an object of nature. It was all about studying and realising the nature itself has it’s own “designer” which takes care of modeling every plant, fruit, tree, leaf, branch and everything. Modeling this second object was much more easier for I didn’t have to model the right angles or straightening the outlines which were the hardest thing to do. 
I chose to model a mushroom. Not a wild mushroom, a poison or tripy one haha. I decided modeling an ordinary edible mushroom just to find out the beauty even at the ordinary stuff we use everyday. The whole beauty of a mushroom is inside it’s “hat” which is full of fiber cells that make you highlight the dynamism inside the soft, smooth and delicate skin of the mushroom. I modeled the exterior part of it but took care the most of it’s interior. 
The final object: 
Cutting it in three pieces is part of the mission of pointing out the details it hides.

* * *

The last but not less important project was placing the object into a public place. (by using Photoshop of course) 
Here’s my space: 
I decided to place my object right there because it confuses people and irritates the eyes and minds. You may have to walk everyday down this place when suddenly you see something strange in the center of a massive building. At the first sight is difficult to understand what it really is. And it’s much more difficult to understand why is it there or which is the meaning of it all! There’s no answer or explanation. You just have to like it or not and continue your path. It is all about the contrast giving you an emotion while learning how to “read” the image of the sculpture out there.  
I tried to summarize in a few words the work I’ve done the whole semester. It was very hard for me to deal with the clay only by using my hands then day by day I got used to it. Well, there are no happy endings without a little fight and sacrifice!
 Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this post and liked my work. 
Wishing you a lovely week,