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Hello everyone! This time I’m going to show you a glimpse of my experience visiting one of the biggest and most beautiful Temples in Ho Chi Minh City. I feel so blessed that this city has so many Temples and Pagodas everywhere. Even in the most unexpected alley next to a shop or a house or a coffee bar, you might find a Temple just right there! In this city there’s a wide variety of religious buildings belonging to different religions from around the world. What amazes me is watching people praying in these temples for they are not just museums to visit and enjoy the ancient art but they are so sacred they practice their rituals and manifest their beliefs in such environments.

So this time I visited the “Buu Long Pagoda” (Chùa Bửu Long) which is a little far from the center of the city but the way to get there is priceless especially if you use the transportation with bike. We passed on different alleys which looked like they were inside of a jungle. The trees are so amazing! I’m so in love with this tropical Nature! This Temple is a Buddhist one with with an influence of style from several Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. It was built in 1942 near the Dong Nai River. In this Temple is worshiped only Buddha and no other Gods like are worshiped in other temples in the region. There are many floors to climb and each one of them has a room with a statue of Buddha where people pray. We had to walk barefoot inside. There is a sort of energy in those rooms…The atmosphere totally changes when you enter. A divine silence and a peaceful feeling. You can’t leave without praying or saying a wish by watching the beautiful Buddha. It just feels so right and emotional no matter what your beliefs stand for. There is a magic unity I felt inside those walls. On the top floor you can see the whole garden of the temple full of trees and wonderful flowers I had never seen before. In this floor there are many revered relics from Buddha and his disciples and these relics are very important and sacred for every Buddhist.

After those divine moments inside the Temple we had a walk around the magic garden. There were many statues of Buddha and wonderful spots to stay and relax in the nature. There was also a giant statue of Reclining Buddha which I adored. We spent some time there enjoying the view and the energy. Can’t describe how happy I felt walking down that sacred place and being part of it. After all, I’m just a wanderer and visiting such places is one of the best things to receive in life. I’m feeling so thankful!

Before I left I bought a bracelet full of Amethyst stones which were being selled in the Temple. I needed a gift from that place charged with that balanced energy and that was totally perfect!
Hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know what you think in the comments below. There are many other stories to come from my Asian experience.

Lots of Love,

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