Venus tales…

Patience is the answer to your brightest side. Be patient even when you’re in pain because it will bring you to a place of understanding. That’s exactly what happened to me. I found my place of understanding and I would like to describe it as a “Venus” . You know…my relationship with the Universe and everything superstitious has grown way too serious. Me as a sign ruled by the planet of beauty, love and sensuality, have just found the best half ruled by the same planet and it feels like nothing but home. I’m living a life which most of the time feels like the movies of a young artist living nowadays. Fast, colorful, bright, loud, wild and restless. The unification of two halves of a whole has just happened and is karmically linked by sharing a love of art, poetry, music and culture. What do you get when two signs ruled by Venus fall in love?
It should be a love match made in heaven, no?
Portrait photography by: Mariola Mocka

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