Venus in the Details

Hello there! This time I wanted to show you my latest pieces of resin! You know that these days I have been so obsessed about it. I have tried to work on it almost every day. There were lots of accidents during the way though…things like the resin hadn’t cure well so when I tried to wash it out of the molds, it got stuck in my hands and there was no way to take it off! I have washed my hands for hours and I was still feeling my hands sticky every time I touched something. Anyway one thing that I learned was that the part when you mix the resin with the hardener, there are some specific rules you should follow. But I guess I will share them with you soon once I am 100% sure of what I’m doing! So, following the suggestions of what we should be doing during the Taurus Season, I decided to create these new pieces. I wanted to come up with some water drop shaped pendants that would be filled with red pigments and yellow ones and it normally would look like something that we designers call “gradient”. I also added some red, yellow, orange glitter to make it more shiny but guess what? They didn’t appear how I imagined them and that’s a thing that I guess I should get used when working with resin. So, the pattern that was created over there reminded me of the surface of planet Venus. I mean, I know I’m too obsessed with planet Venus and everything but this time it really reminded me of that! The color is something like orange and yellow at different parts and all the glitter makes it look like a shiny planet. I wonder what’s going on out there! haha

The pigments I used are all neon so yeah, these necklaces glow in the dark and they glow like fluorescent yellow and green. What do you think of them?

Together with the necklaces, I prepared three rings in three different sizes which have almost the same color and glitter but this time I wanted to add just a bit of neon green, you know just for a change.

There’s also a bracelet designed in the same colors as the necklaces and also a cute strawberry which for the moment is not a jewelry yet but sometimes there might be a few resin left and I never throw it away. This time I decided to make this strawberry because it’s also the best season of strawberry growing so why not to manifest it! Thank you Mother Earth for all the goodies you keep creating!

So, this is it! If you like them and would like to buy, you can contact me here or on my social media accounts. I’d wish to see what you think of my first attempt in handmade jewelries. Let me know in the comments below! Hope you are having a relaxing and creative time!


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