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Tinker Bell by the Beach

Hello everyone,
So here I am enjoying the last days of Summer in my Motherland. It feels super weird that Autumn has knocked on the doors especially for me. Well, after a year of experiencing only Summer, Autumn and Winter will feel totally new and different I guess. I just think I am not ready to feel and live with the cold weather again after a whole year of Tropical Weather in Vietnam. So this is one of the reasons that I am choosing to stay by the beach as much as I can, for I know I am going to miss these vibes so much!

Once again I spent the weekend in South Albania in a beautiful beach called “Palasë” near Dhërmi. A must visit location if you want to enjoy summer holidays in the Albanian riviera with the best and most relaxing beaches and comfortable coffee shops too. In the pictures I was having my morning ice tea while enjoying the beautiful view and the fresh air. Being home never felt so good, I repeat.

I was wearing the most comfortable palazzo pants on earth by the one and only brand Thai Harem Pants . “Teal” is part of my favorite color palette, and one of my favorite colors in absolute, so I really had an urge to order them. I love the shape of them and how they stay fit in the waist and larger down the feet. Just like their name, these pants are made to make you look like Tinker Bell or any kind of wandering Pixie. The material is cotton, making them super fresh even when worn at the beach. Find them by the name: “Women’s Cotton Tinkerbell Palazzo Pants in Teal” at You can order them very easily and the shipping is super fast and world wide! As you may already know now, I have a discount code for all of you for every time you order at this site. Just type: CIRCLEOFKURISU at checkout to save 10% of the price! There’s also a free international shipping for all orders over 60 USD which is equal to two or three products depending on their price so why not to take advantage of this sale?

Together with the pants I was wearing this custom made crochet top that the talented girls of Soul Boho Style made for me. I had this vision in my mind and I really wanted a crochet top in earthy tones mostly focused on Orange so I showed my ideas to the girls and they were totally into it. They noted all my body measures so they could design it exactly for my size. The results left me speechless! I mean, look at all those knitted details made by hand! There is also a beautiful mandala in the center that makes me love it even more. I can’t thank them enough for the amazing job they have done! And it fits a lot with the tale pants don’t they? Color combinations I love!
You can order similar crochet tops at Soul Boho Style by sending them a message on Facebook: and Instagram: – Send your measures and they will design it for you! They ship world wide too, so hit them with a DM!

The seashell necklace is one of my creations during quarantine. It is made with an orange seashell from the Pacific Ocean I have collected in Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam. The design contains some shades of neon pigmented blue, glitter and another sphere made with resin which looks like a pearl. The whole pendant glows in the dark and I think that’s what makes it very special. This specific necklace just sold out but I am ready to design more similar designs. You can order by sending me a message here or on my social media accounts and I can also design them personalized for you. Let me know if you are interested and an admirer of handmade jewelry.

This is it for this article. Hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time,

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