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The path isn’t a straight line. It’s a Spiral…

Hello everyone,
Here I am, among the thousands of things I have to do, I found the time to write this article. It’s October…my favorite time of the year and for some reason, it always ends up to be one of the busiest months for me. It almost feels like I don’t have all the time to take care of my spooky projects that are so dear to me. But like every other year, I will do my best with the time that is given to me.

Some days ago I got a package from two of my favorite brands Thai Harem Pants & Sure Design Clothing – two sister brands based in Thailand that sell amazing clothing which are handmade and hand dyed from a group of artisans. It’s been more than two years that I order items from these brands and I have never been disappointed. The items are so unique and they totally fit with my style but also the material is so good and organic. I have to add that I never had any problems with the shipping and they always came so fast. So if you like the boho, hippie style and you want to support the slow fashion movement you should definitely check these sites out: &

  • You can also use my discount code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF! World wide shipping!

This time I ordered this beautiful tie dye dress from Thai Harem Pants and I am totally obsessed with it. Its colors are so vivid and it has this spiral design in tie dye that I love! The material is organic cotton and it also comes with a Care Guide. You can find different designs of such dresses in the site.

The color palette of this dress reminded me of Sunsets so I thought to shoot some pictures during the golden hour. The quality of the pictures is not the best since it got dark so quickly but I like the vibes.

The fluorescent necklace was the perfect accessory for this dress. It’s part of my Glow in the Dark Chakra Necklaces collection. You can order yours on my Etsy: or you can send me a DM on my handmade Instagram page for personalized orders: @circleofkurisu__art

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I wish you all an amazing Spooky Season!


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