Handmade Vases

Hello dear readers and followers,Since it’s Monday, I wanted to start the week with some previous work I have been doing lately to push myself to keep designing over and over again! I have come to a point where I have realized that true motivation comes from working constantly! That’s why I am happy to …

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Marble Mandalas

Hello dear readers and followers,These past few days I have been in a holiday kind of mood with working days in between too. Since I have come back in Albania I haven’t spent enough time with my family and friends. When we gather, we always like to hang out or travel in places we like …

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Why Handmade and Slow Fashion matter.

Dear readers,Today I woke up and I wanted to write an article about choosing to buy handmade and slow fashion clothes. I see handmade as a manifestation of our lives and culture. It is not a┬ámass-imposed thing where everything looks the same and is easily packaged by machines. Each handmade item is about people and …

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