Handmade Creations of 2021

Dear Blog,The countdown to the New Year has just started and I’m getting a little bit emotional. These days I have been scrolling through the memories of my 2021 to remind myself of all the things that I have done, goals I have achieved, people I have spent time with etc. While watching all those …

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Psymbosium Festival 2021

Dear Blog,
Here I am, back on the blog and social media after a worthy short break! I have been in vacation in different places in Greece but this time I am so happy to write an article about this amazing Psychedelic Festival which happened during the full Moon, called “Psymbosium”.

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Creations Design

Venus String Art

Hello dear readers,Today I was wondering around the blog and I noticed that I hadn’t writen anything about one of my passions which is string art. It’s been almost four years now that I practice this technique and I am so happy to be all settled up again with a new studio to work again …

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