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“By night one way, by day another”

Dear Blog,That time of the year has come again! It’s finally Halloween, my favorite season and it shows! Like every year, this time I came up with another photoshoot for this Spooky Season with a character that I had never even imagined myself in. Ta-Daaa! It’s Fiona from Shrek but a little more personalized. This …

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Elven Tales

Hello dears,It’s me again posting some new pictures from the latest photoshoot with the dear photographer, AMAL. Now you know how much I love Cosplay projects so this time I came with another image of an Elf since it is my favorite mythical creature for reasons I can’t explain in words. This idea came into …

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Shiny haze on the ground

We all carry a little world inside of us, neat and strong and full of purpose. Most of the time I long to romanticize it as if I were in fire from within. Feeling hazy but not over for I should never let anything threaten the joy…that kind of joy, sweet like honey. They say …

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