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Maple Leaf

Hello there people of my blog,Once in a while I go through my archives to check my memories and throwbacks and I realized that I hadn’t posted some really nice pictures I took at Psymbosium Festival in Mount Olympus, Greece! So, I immediately selected some of them and here I am, making a new blog …

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Sunflower Field

Hello there everyone,Today is a good day to make a new post on the blog! I have gathered lots of pictures from my long and wonderful vacation in Greece so let’s say that I’m glad to have some cool content to show you! This photoshoot that I am about to present you know, happened in …

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Hello there,Today I feel so recharged with energy and excited to share with you the latest photoshoot I have taken these days. It seems like Spring has really come around here because it’s been so many days that the weather has only been sunny and warm and I don’t know how to describe in words …

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Dear Blog,The sun is shining and I am so happy to be back to my most energetic self! Some weekends ago I was in Durrës, a coastal city very near Tirana. It is the best place to go during the weekends especially when it’s sunny! I am lucky to have some friends from this city …

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