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Dear everyone reading my blog,It has been a very busy period with a lot of tasks to finish and as long as I am a multitasking kind of person, I guess it will always be like this and so far I’m learning that with time it might get even worse! So I’m just learning to …

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Cosplay Modeling


The countdown to the end of Summer has just started and I’m kind of missing Autumn! Virgo Season, is that you? Here’s the thing… every time I think of Autumn the first vision that appears in my head is October, falling leaves, pumpkins and…Halloween! Is it too early to start thinking of this year’s costume? …

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“The end of Summer is not the end of the world. Here’s to October!”– A. A. Millne Hello there folks and hello October! I am so happy that I am finally enjoying October after a year of spending it in the tropics. It feels so nice to feel a bit of cold again and watching …

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