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It’s that time of the year again…The time when Nature starts to bloom and so do we. It’s the time when we say good bye to the Old Man Winter and open the door to the Colorful Spring Lady. I see Spring as a Woman for it is the season of rebirth and the energy …

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Maple Leaf

Hello there people of my blog,Once in a while I go through my archives to check my memories and throwbacks and I realized that I hadn’t posted some really nice pictures I took at Psymbosium Festival in Mount Olympus, Greece! So, I immediately selected some of them and here I am, making a new blog …

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Elven Tales

Hello dears,It’s me again posting some new pictures from the latest photoshoot with the dear photographer, AMAL. Now you know how much I love Cosplay projects so this time I came with another image of an Elf since it is my favorite mythical creature for reasons I can’t explain in words. This idea came into …

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