Hello there,I know it’s too early for the Summer collection but I couldn’t resist posting these pictures and I guess you have noticed that seashells are my specialty. All of the necklaces in the first two pictures are sold out except for the spiral one in the middle that I never posted. So yesterday I …

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Kurisu in Ozora – Illustration by Alice Yushko

Hello there everyone! Today I am super excited to share with you a beautiful gift that I received last night that really made my whole day. I am currently going through many important stuff to solve during these hard situation of the pandemic and when I receive such soulful gifts, I remind myself to feel …

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Crazy House

Hello, hello!As promised, here’s the new article about my visit in Da Lat, Vietnam. Right now I’m back in Saigon and the week that past by has been so intense and full of activities, deadlines, and things to change and restore. Which means I haven’t really had the time to focus on writing this article …

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O.Z.O.R.A – Psychedelic Tribal Gathering Festival

Hello everyone! Since we are all staying home and I can’t go out to take some pictures, I thought to dive in my archives and see through the memories. Suddenly I remembered that I never got to post on the website about my experience in “O.Z.O.R.A” Festival, a Psychedelic Tribal Gathering. I rechecked the pictures …

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A sweet afternoon spent in another garden of a beautiful Temple around my new neighborhood…As mentioned at the previous post, there are so many Temples and Pagodas around from the oldest to the newest so why not to spend the free time at these sacred and peaceful spaces? The one I visited this time was …

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