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Sweet November

Hello there Folks,
I finally found the time to post a new article on my blog since I have been super busy during the past few days. I was so busy I made a plan for the weekend because my personal rule is to enjoy and relax as much as you can by the end of the week so you can be fully energized and inspired for the new days to come. And trust me, it works! So, the last weekend I went in one of the cities that I am deeply connected with and I have also mentioned here before, called, Pogradec. I always remember that during Autumn the trees there look magical and I didn’t want to miss that show! Check out the pictures and I hope you like them!

So this is a very beautiful and also a touristic place, called Drilon in Pogradec. A must visit location if you are a nature lover like me. The weather was just fine that day, even though usually is a bit colder in this city but it was also warm enough to wear some brand new goodies I just ordered from two brands I love like Thai Harem Pants & Sure Design Clothing!

I was wearing this Hoodie Shawl Jacket in Brick color I ordered at . As you can tell, it was about time to order some “Winter” clothing, since in Albania you can tell the season’s change’ and starting from Autumn until Spring, it is cold! But I am so glad and happy that Sure Design also sells warm clothing like this hoodie I am wearing. It is 100% Polyester and it’s super soft. You can wear it as a shawl but also turn it into a jacket by using the metal clasps. And oh, I have always been obsessed with shirts or jackets that are designed as if you are wearing gloves. My hands felt happy and warm too!

I loved the shawl part in brown for the main reason that it keeps the neck around very warm and it is also big enough to turn it into a hood as you can see in the pictures. You can order it easily at where you can also find other colors and designs of such unique hoodies. Add the voucher code: CIRCLEOFKURISU at checkout for 10% OFF for every item you order at this site! World wide and very fast shipping!

The other special item I ordered this time were these lovely leggings hand dyed in the “tie dye” technique that I have always loved. Since I have found Thai Harem Pants I have been obsessed with the tie dye leggings they design. This is my third pair and I know I will order again and again in the future! Check all the designs at and don’t forget to add my voucher code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for a discount! World wide shipping straight from Thailand!

Search the leggings easily by the name “Oval Swirls Tie Dye Cotton Capri Leggings in Black” at Different from all the other designs, these one have these ropes at the bottom that you can stylize however you want. I decided to twist them like in the picture above and wrap them around my legs. I loved how the whole outfit turned out. They are made with 95% soft cotton and 5% spandex. Perfect for yoga, Barre, Pilates, workout, dance, and wandering in Nature like me! haha

I can’t get out of the house if my outfit doesn’t include jewelry! Like, that’s another rule of mine! This time I made some new items with resin which are totally inspired by the Beauty of the Season. The first one is this necklace designed in the shape of a water drop filled with autumnal leaves and a Tiger’s Eye Gemstone. Tiger’s Eye is one of my favorite gemstones because I really love the earthy tones and the combination of the colors of this stone are simply wonderful! This one is a stone of Protection and it also brings good luck!

This is the first time I am posting a pair of Earrings. I have been working on them lately and this is one of my very first design. They are made with resin and some little dried flowers which stayed perfectly in my mold. What do you think of them? I love taking feedback from you guys so feel free to write your impressions in the comments below! And if you are interested to buy, you can send me a message here or on my personal Instagram account: where I post most of my work!

Wish you enjoyed this article!

Until next time, with Love,

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