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Sunflower Field

Hello there everyone,
Today is a good day to make a new post on the blog! I have gathered lots of pictures from my long and wonderful vacation in Greece so let’s say that I’m glad to have some cool content to show you! This photoshoot that I am about to present you know, happened in a very spontaneous way, right after we discovered a Sunflower Field! How could I not make myself part of it?!

I was very lucky because I was staying those days at some dear friends places and it happened that one of those is a very passionate photographer! She is called Elena and she is such a sweetheart! I invite you all to check out her Instagram Page to get inspired by her beautiful pictures and lifestyle!

The moment we found out about this field, I immediately went to dress up, make up and went driving with this girl heading to this yellow location.

I was wearing this adorable Elaria wrap for the first time! I ordered it at – It is a custom made order which makes me adore it even more. I found out this brand randomly on social media and I totally fell in love! Not only for the fact that is a handmade clothing brand but it also offers a very unique style expressed in different shapes and designs including hand-dying techniques on the best quality of fabrics! Not only the best quality but also natural and sustainable fabrics! And all of this done by a single, talented woman! Isn’t it inspiring?

The wrap is in cotton material but so soft, light and stretchy! You literally don’t feel the weight of another layer in your outfit! It’s perfect to wear for different occasions and can be combined with many other clothing! I love it! Check the page out on Instagram to stay updated on the latest posts and items and make your conscious orders online. Moonlit Muse Apparel
World wide shipping!

Got to love it’s pointed tail and the hand dyed phases of the moon with Emery Metallic. I chose this color for my wrap but there are many options to choose yours!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!


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