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Stained Dress

“Tirana Design week” is an event which brings a series of various happenings in the city in order to increase the public’s interest in planning, architecture and especially, design.
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There are different workshops to participate and I was part of the groups who joined the “Tirana Dress me Up!” one. It was Tirana’s time to be part of the project “City Dress me Up!” by Danica Karaicic. This workshop will take place in different countries and its purpose is to involve architecture and fashion design.
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As we aimed to transform architectural parametres and urban space of Tirana into fashion design products, we chose to focus on two religious buildings such as : The Catholic Church and The Mosque of Tirana. We tried mostly to catch the details of the buildings especially the stained glasses, floral details of the Mosque and mixing all these with some elements from the greenery around Tirana.
We designed the dress by using different fabrics and tools such as colorful or transparent fabrics, buttons, golden spray etc. The whole structure of the dress inspired by the shape of the window of Cathedral’s facade. The dress is as simple as the facade is with simetrical goldel lines while the whole decoration is concentrated on the cape.
The first sketches of a product coming soon shaped similar to the window.
Then the ideas were changing from a simple dress to a dress and a cape. The cape would be shaped as a dome and all the hard work would be focused there.
* * *
And after two weeks of hard work here’s the final look of our stained dress!
Then there was an installation of the workshop in a nice bar of Tirana where the models would be wearing the clothes and stay for some drinks and talks.
With our adorable workshop guide : Danica Karaicic (Flora Goticcelli)
Got to thank you! 🙂
Everything went just great that night and I was so glad to wear the famous dress. I enjoyed this workshop so much I put myself into thinking of fashion design more seriously. I really hope you liked our work too. My second year of university is starting in a couple of weeks so there will be more hard working days but also more stuff to post in here. Until then, don’t forget to stay tuned!
With love,

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