Spring Resin Collection

Hello dears,
I’m so happy to present you the super fresh Spring Collection of my resin pieces! I thought to start the posts with this unique item that I like to call “Small Jewelry Box” which of course can be used as a box for any kind of small things like pins, crystals and other personal treasures! It’s design includes leaves and flowers of the season too… It is one of the products that took me more days to be fully cured and completed but also one of the artworks that I have enjoyed the most while making. What do you think of it?

Time to show off these new resin necklaces and earrings! They are made with small yellow flowers which I found during the last days of February and thought they would be the perfect elements for the first Spring Collection. I also used some black paint for the background and picked these blue circled elements which reflect that mesmerizing effect that I love! What do you think of this style?

Spring Earrings
The Big picture of this Collection <3

Part of the collection is also this coaster which has the same elements in the design just like the rest of the collection. I am really obsessed with the black background and I am thinking to keep using in other collections too. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Spring Keychains

So, that’s it for this article and this collection. I hope you liked it and
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