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Sky Scratchers

Hello lovelies!
So today I’m posting some of the pictures I took while visiting the Vinhomes Park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s a huge park full of sky scratchers and oh so lovely plants, trees, small lakes with colorful fishes etc. This whole city is so adorable you get to live through the traditional and very modern lifestyles, all mixed so perfectly together. I guess this was exactly what I was looking for before coming here. A place where the traditions are still being manifested and the nature is appreciated and blessed, there are also a few stages from the future as a great example of where they should be built and how not to destroy the mysticism that the past has left behind. As I’m adapting, everything makes so much sense now and I’m feeling so happy and motivated about all the decisions I’ve made in life. Enjoy!

I was wearing:
The vintage Tommy Hilfiger skirt from my Mom’s wardrobe. She used to wear it when she was a teenager and I tell you guys this one is vintage for real and is one of my all time favorite skirts. It has the best shades of blue which haven’t really bleached through years. Great material and high waisted skirt! Such stuff are treasures to me.
– H&M shirt – Bob Marley printed <3
– DeFacto jeans vest ( I love vests! Have lots of them in my wardrobe and I’m never enough!)
– Roberto Della Croce cute small bag (Love the design and material!)
– Serengeti San Remo Sunglasses
– Accessories: Earrings by Stradivarius / Lapis Lazuli handmade pendant bought in Ozora Festival, made by a very talented artisan. I have kept it with me since the day I bought it.

Note: I don’t usually wear jeans prints, but when I do, I wear Denim on Denim! lol

How is your October going so far?
PS: The Summer is coming!

Stay tuned,

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