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Sinhtolina, Clothes made with Love…

Hello everyone! Spring is just around the corner and the city is already filled with different kind of flowers of different sizes and shapes although it doesn’t change anything according to the weather. It’s always Summer! In this case my wardrobe is filled with light summer clothing only! Sometimes I miss the winter clothes but I have to admit, light clothes are way nicer for they have more vivid colors and bring out more shapes of your body. Having said that, I am very excited to present you a very cool brand I have found lately in Saigon which sells all I need for this never ending Summer!

The brand is called “Sinhtolina” and it sells handmade female clothing which are very suitable for warm weather. Their main focus is creating custom made kind of clothes such as dresses, jumpsuits, kimonos and two pieces outfits, top and skirt combined perfectly together. What I love most about Sinhtolina‘s designs besides the ‘Free Spirit’ concept, it’s the open back which shows very beautifully that part of the body making the outfit look very sexy and feminine! Also all the designs are maxi long which for me is definitely a goal! I mean, I have always been obsessed with maxi long dresses but Sintholina‘s are also very flattering and most importantly, comfortable!

The dress I took has exactly all the details I adore, starting from the open back, it is maxi long and the material comes in a very thin cotton fabric which for me it is very necessary for this hot weather. I also love the floral pattern and the perfect shade of red for sure! It is very elegant and for it’s size I prefer wearing it without heels. So, I wore it together with these boho style flat sandals knitted with black leather ropes made in Vietnam. What do you think of the outfit?

Close up details

Sinhtolina comes in different sizes for all women out there helping us out with minimalist designs, lovely patterns and comfortable clothes which can be used for different occasions making the outfit look always very fine and elegant.
You can order online on:

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