Shiny haze on the ground

We all carry a little world inside of us, neat and strong and full of purpose. Most of the time I long to romanticize it as if I were in fire from within. Feeling hazy but not over for I should never let anything threaten the joy…that kind of joy, sweet like honey. They say it’s never too late to leave when you want to leave so maybe I am lucky to be one of those blessed with rage and whose soul always aches to wander. So, I stole these moments to wander again through these bright shades of yellow and tastes of ground. Sweet like honey is this too to me…And while I perform my uncertainties and all this fogginess of sparkle, I shall remind you just in case you foolishly forget, to never let yourself feel anything less than whole. Because sometimes this is the way to find the true direction. That glorious way of leading into that whole big world within and outside of you and me. Who knows anyway? I just hope to meet you in a place where you are who you want to be and be whole and be kind and be fierce.

Photography: Marina Nazina
– Appreciation moment for this amazing collaboration with this *out of this world* photographer! Check her incredible work!


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