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Hello there, how are you guys doing during these days? I’m glad to say that the quarantine and lockdown is finally over in Vietnam and I was so happy about the good news I wanted to go to a new place which had to be in Nature! A friend suggested me this amazing Tourist Village called Bình Quới and after making my research, I didn’t hesitate to go! The Tourist Village is like a big garden filled with coconut trees and lots of tropical flowers and plants including lotus flowers. There are lots of creeks, and thatched cottages where traditional southern Vietnamese cuisine is served. It was the perfect place for a sweet escape and relaxation in Nature. I enjoyed every minute out there apart from the fact that it was a very hot day under 35 degrees and I got to sweat all the time so at some point I started playing with a hose from where water was flowing and that’s how the fun began!

Another reason why I was so excited that day was because of some purchases I had ordered from some amazing brands I have found. I’m talking about my outfit! Yeah, I’m that kind of person who cherishes every new thing that comes into life so that day I wanted to wear the brand new clothes! I ordered these magical pants at where you can find the best selection of Harem Pants, Yoga pants, Fisherman Pants and leggings. Very perfect ones for yoga, workout, sports, festivals or just relaxing in nature like me! Thai Harem Pants is located in Thailand and is made of a family of talented artisans who handcraft all the clothing! The material is also hand picked in Thailand and it ensures the best quality with unique designs and colors! Find them also on Social Media:

I have always liked wearing such kind of pants but this time I needed some special yoga pants and a fresh design in my collection so I chose the “Peacock Eye” harem pants by Thai Harem Pants which come in a low cut that allows the pants to turn into a jumpsuit too! So it’s like buying one outfit but having two different styles to wear it! The fabric is very light and flowy, it’s perfect for dancing, running or any kind of outdoor activity. Love the earthy colors and the combination of floral details. Such a piece of comfort and art! I really really love them! What do you think?

If you would like to buy such fun and creative pants, order them online at: and you can also save some money by using my discount code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF for every item!!

There are various of styles harem pants such as: High Cut, Drop Crotch, Low Cut, Plus Size, Tie Dye, Jumpsuits, Thai Hill Tribe, Palazzo Pants etc. with unique designs and great quality! Check them out! #harempantsdotcom

Part of this outfit was also this lovely crochet top by Soul Boho Style which is a Vietnamese brand that sells boho chic and gypsy style clothes and accessories. There you can find all kinds of boho style clothing such as skirts, shirts, tops, capes, bags, shoes and jewelries all made by hand and pure fantasy!

Find the shop on Social Media:

Address: 214/19/1A Nguyễn Văn Nguyễn, phường Tân Định, quận 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

If you like to wear bohemian or gypsy style clothes, crochet tops are a must in your closet! I prefer wearing them with harem pants for sure and long skirts. They look very cool on warm weather although it may seem like too much heat to wear them, on the contrary they help absorb the sweat which helps us not to get any cold, especially when in festivals or environments that you have your body moving. The top I chose is in black color and it’s open very beautifully at the chest area. I fell in love at first sight once I tried it! I also love it’s open back and adore the detail of ropes tied like corsets at the bottom in the back.

Part of my shopping list were also these adorable earrings made by Soul Boho Style which look like dreamcatchers. Love it’s colors and the use of different materials which perfectly fit together. Also the feathers looked way prettier and softer before I was covered in sweat and water from head to toes. Don’t blame me but the Tropical Sun! hehe
You can find many unique accessories and other gypsy style items at Soul Boho Style! Thank me later! (:

Views from the wonderful tourist village:

Hope you enjoyed my day out of quarantine hoping that everything will get better and will be in it’s right place. Also spoil yourself by ordering online everything you need or wish to have. Shopping online never seemed so fair to me!

Until next time,

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