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Hello everyone! Is that time of the year…One of my favorite seasons. Most of us know it as Halloween…but this year I thought to share with the world the ancient roots of this celebration. Since one of my ways to express myself is through Photography, I thought to make a photoshoot dedicated its origin.
I need to thank Oniro Photography  for the incredible pictures! I hope you like them!

Samhain is a Gaelic Festival which originates from an ancient Celtic spiritual tradition since 2000 years ago. It played a significant role in laying the foundation for Halloween. The word “Samhain” comes from the Irish language name for November. The Festival begins on the evening of 31 October and ends at sunset, welcoming the dark half of the year. This is about halfway between the autumnal equinox (Mabon) and winter solstice (Yule).

At Samhain the division between human world and the otherworld is at its thinnest, which allows spirits or fairies to be more near and interact with us. ??‍♂️??‍♀️ This is why this celebration is associated with many important events in Irish mythology. People prepare offerings that are left outside villages and fields for fairies, or Sidhs (an irish name for a supernatural race comparable to fairies or elves). Celts would dress as animals and monsters so that fairies or spirits were not tempted to kidnap them.

Samhain it is also known as the “Witch’s New Year”. People engaged in rituals to predict the future, particularly concerning matters like death and marriage. Some of the rituals contain going to Nature, dancing, feasting and most importantly, building altars for the Ancestors. Apples had a strong link to the Otherworld and eternal life, while hazelnuts were connected to divine wisdom and pumpkins symbolized the end of the harvest. Some Wiccan families cast a circle and think of their dead loved ones and share their stories.

This whole look was created with these ethically made items by Lotus Tribe Clothing . Thought it is the perfect season to wear some of the items from their “Rust” collection. I love this long sleeve Ninja wrap which can be worn in different ways… especially its big hood and the see through details on the back. So my style! It almost matches the rust ruffle skirt which I think it is designed to wrap every body in a way that it will show your curves looking hot! This season is all about LAYERING and I get super excited when I’m happy with the results of my look! I also added this fire tie dye lace up tank which was love at first sight! Love the combination of colors melting together so perfectly! Last but not least, the Onyx flarred yoga pants that I have already worn in many other different looks and they always get to give a unique vibe each time! Super comfy and cute!

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The Veil separating the the world of the living to the dead has parted, and the last harvest has ended. I cast my circle and invite into it my ancestors, and my loved ones who have passed through the Veil. Come to me and together lets celebrate this time here on Earth!

Blessed Samhain!