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Dear everyone reading my blog,
It has been a very busy period with a lot of tasks to finish and as long as I am a multitasking kind of person, I guess it will always be like this and so far I’m learning that with time it might get even worse! So I’m just learning to flow with it cause what else can I do? You already know how I find myself in so many different artistic projects and I try to dedicate my time to each one of them. So no, I’m not here to complain… not at all. I am just showing up here in my personal virtual space with a fresh post! Showing you more and more of my Circle!

When I look at these pictures, I get a feeling! A feeling I have felt long ago and since then, every time it comes it awakens something inside me. It reminds me of a place I have never been but it feels like I know it very well. It reminds me of some sweet voices that I had never heard before but they felt like I knew who was talking. A feeling that reminds me of some words in a certain language that I don’t understand but I could totally get the meaning of. When I saw these pictures, this same feeling awakened. Maybe this time it has to do with this image of me. Walking my path while wearing art pieces that bring my image closer to that place…the sacred realm of Fantasy flourishing along with my existence.

Need to thank Lotus Tribe Clothing for making me feel myself to the core and making me look like a fantasy creature with their magical clothing! I am definitely obsessed with the sage items I have ordered. I have worn this Sage Ninja Wrap and the Ruffle Skirt during summer too and they looked amazing! But since it isn’t still that cold now in Albania, I thought to create a look with these items that could be an option for the warm Autumn days as well.

Sage Ruffle Skirt

This skirt has superpowers, I’m telling you! I seriously think that it is designed to wrap every body in a way that it will show your curves looking fabulous!

Sage Ninja Wrap

I love the fact that this Ninja Wrap can also be turned into a vest and can give a totally different look. It is very soft, light and stretchy and you can style it different ways! It comes with a big hood and see thru detail on back.

All the Lotus Tribe Clothing are ethically made with earth friendly fabrics and packaging. I highly recommend all of you to visit to get to know more about the sustainable world of fashion and shop consciously! Lotus Tribe plants a tree on your name for every purchase! You can also use my code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF every order!



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