“Pumpkin Spice” – Resin Pieces

Hello, hello everyone!
I am super excited to share with you the new resin pieces I have designed recently. They are all inspired by October and all it’s colors and beauty. This time I tried to experiment with a brand new mold which helped me create my first resin vase. I filled the mold with some orange leaves I have collected around in the street, some little cute red flowers placed at the bottom and lots of neon pigments!

This kind of vase is small enough to be placed in your working desk or shelves but also big enough to plant little flowers inside. I tried it with these two baby cactuses and I think it looks cute!

Together with the vase I created two more necklaces with sea shells that you guys love so much! The first one is designed with pink and orange glitter, neon pigments and in the middle there is a moon stone that I have carried with me for many years now. Guess it was about time to give it a chance to belong to someone else.

And the other pendant is made with yellow glitter, neon pigments, two red dried flowers and a citrine quartz in the middle. I really liked it’s shape and I thought it would fit perfectly in the middle of the shell. What do you think?

So this is it for now! I hope you liked my new creations and if you are interested to buy any of them for yourself or as a gift, you can ask me on the comments below or send me a message on my personal Instagram profile:

Have a lovely week!

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