Psymbosium Festival 2021

Dear Blog,
Here I am, back on the blog and social media after a worthy short break! I have been in vacation in different places in Greece but this time I am so happy to write an article about this amazing Psychedelic Festival which happened during the full Moon, called “Psymbosium”. I don’t know where to start describing this incredible gathering! The location was somewhere in a beautiful land in Mount Olympus, Greece, making the festival even more special! Have a look at the pictures I took there and I hope you enjoy the vibes!

I was totally amazed by the wooden decorations made by @karyacreativestudio @sotols_art_karya @marchefmartin , Chrismo Art! Also the Mapping Visuals were out of this world and that magical tent above the dance floor…Definitely the most beautiful one I have ever seen! 

What was special for me was also the fact that I brought my handmade creations there and managed to create a little spot for my shop. I had so much fun connecting with beautiful people who liked my art and other artists too! There were also some of the unique belt bags made by @chaosmatic_clothing The fashion designer behind this brand is a friend who helped me a lot to set up this little shop. I am very grateful to have such an amazing friend!

Also thank you so much Psymbosium Team for making this possible. Selling my jewelry and decorations in Psychedelic Festivals has always been a dream…And it became true! Thank you!

You can also find my shop online and make your orders here:
I ship world wide to all of you! 🙂

My Love and Daksinamurti holding one of my necklaces :’)
It was amazing meeting this great psychedelic artist whose music we love!
Thank you Daksi for the lovely vibes! Check out his music:

PS: My Love is wearing the lovely Color Ninja Hoodie handmade by @chaosmatic_clothing that he loves so much! Super soft and warm!

Crazy Line Up, very well organised Time Table and amazing artists who sent colorful vibrations from the stage to the tribe on the dance floor.

I am very grateful for all the wonderful people, friends, artists, brothers and sisters I met there and got to pass such happy times with! It was all I needed this summer! 

In this picture I was wearing this super duper cute Pointed Purple Elf vest handmade by @chaosmatic_clothing  It was perfect to wear during the day but also at night in the festival for in both cases it helps protect the neck and shoulders from catching a cold and it was also great in absorbing the sweat during the hottest hours of the day! And oh that hood! Amazing to create a shadow upon your head! If you would like to own such unique pieces of clothing, check @chaosmatic_clothing and make your orders online! World wide shipping!

– Tie Dye Green Leggings by @thaiharempants  Use the code CIRCLEOFKURISU to save 10% when ordering at World wide shipping straight from Thailand!

Here comes the end of this article but I promise you that I am back and I will be posting more from this incredible Festival and my awesome vacation in Greece.

Until next time,

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