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“Poppies on the Crystal”

I am the Red Poppy. I’ve been born and raised in the absence of other flowers for my mission is “Remembrance”. I’m here to remind you of your dead Heroes, you Ancestors, of what ones was yours but you cannot touch anymore, loses we all equally share. Now that I appeared to you, embrace me with pride and grace for the souls you’re looking are all here, dancing with me through their red petals. They breathe between me and you. But I have to warn you my dears that the only way to speak to them is by listening to your heart. Something you will never be able to escape from. Listen to what it has to say, it is the silent voice of all you once loved and missed. Never forget what brought you here before I disappear and you will always have the same thought of a harrowing reaction, to remember!

This very special project was a collaboration with Smeruci, local artists and artisans who design handmade jewelries and other wonderful pieces of art containing crystals, gems and other minerals. Together we came up with this idea of creating a character which would present properly their “Poppies on the Crystal” collection.
I just love bonding with artistic souls!

Meaning behind the concept of the use of Poppy: Wild poppy is known as a woman, its essence is feminine. Careful observer of nature, the woman expert of plants exercised an art based on knowledge and empirical uses, consolidated through tradition and experience, to which the magical and ritual aspect was often not extraneous. This reference to women could also be connected to the symbolism of fertility and the cycle of death / regeneration because the mystery of vegetation “requires the death of the seed to guarantee the seed itself a new birth”.

Jewelries are made with Brown Amethyst, raw Skeletal Smoky Quartz, Garnet and other materials including techniques such as sculpting, painting and modeling. You really need to go check their page for more other magic:

When coming up with such projects, the thing I’m most excited about is finding the ideal clothes, accessories needed for the photoshoot. This time with these talented guys was a piece of cake for together with a clear vision of the result, we made it to combine what we had in our wardrobes including stuff that I myself might have never put on. It makes it fun to think that a part of me always had known that thing was about to be used for a better purpose one day!

Photography: Smeruci
Model: Kristiana Bella
Jewelry: Smeruci
Makeup: Smeralda Lami
Styling: Smeruci , Kristiana Bella

I hope you enjoyed this project and would like to know what you think about it. Stay tuned for more characters and stories!


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