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Poison Ivy & Wonder Woman

Hello everyone and Happy Halloween!
This year I decided to recreate a character I’ve already tried to create myself in 2016 but it didn’t turn out how I expected. So this year I thought to do it again with a little help from some talented girls which I am about to introduce below.

The character is “Poison Ivy” whom I have always loved no matter that she was actually a supervillain in the DC Universe. She’s an eco-terrorist with the ability to control plants. Originally, she was a botanist with the name “Pamela Isley” until an accident gave her powers and turned her insane. After that all her mission was to protect the planet and the greenery from being destroyed by humans. In this case she is a villain to every human who doesn’t act properly with Mother Nature and for this reason she is my favorite DC Comics character. Besides she has red hair and I love her green costume full of leaves that I tried to imitate.

Together with me this time is a dear friend, Judit dressed like “Wonder Woman” who is a warrior princess and one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. She was given power by the Gods to fight against evil in all its forms. Although she was raised entirely by women, she was sent as an ambassador to the Man’s World, spreading their idealistic message of strength and love. Wonder Woman fights crime and acts as a positive role model for women everywhere. So this time instead of fighting Poison Ivy as a villain she is, we decided to show these characters as friends or colleagues trying to bring out the message: “Empowered women, empower women!”

“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world. It will make a difference.” – Wonder Woman

Since Halloween has always been one of my favorite celebrations ever, I decided to make a GIVEAWAY in collaboration with Sure Design Clothing. The winner will have this adorable Shawl Hoodie Combo Dress in Green I am wearing which I am going to deliver myself. Find it on the site for more details:
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“I am Nature’s arm. Her Spirit. Her Will. Hell, I am Mother Nature, and the time has
come for plants to take back the world so rightfully ours! Because it’s not right
to fool with Mother Nature!” – Poison Ivy

Special thanks to Elbaartistry for the amazing make up that she did on both of us. A very talented girl who does wonderful things with her hands related to Make Up, Beauty and Aesthetics. I suggest you all to go follow her page on Instagram: where she posts all the amazing stuff she does. If you are based in Tirana, Albania, visit her in her studio for different beauty treatments! – Address: Rr. Andon Zako Çajupi
Thank you so much Sweetie!

Hair by: Sallon Ana
Nails: Bon Bon Nails

“You seem to have me confused with some warm blooded damsel in distress!”
– Poison Ivy
“We have a saying, my people. Don’t kill if you can wound, don’t wound if you can subdue, don’t subdue if you can pacify and don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first extended it.”
– Wonder Woman

Thank you AMAL for the great pictures! I really appreciate your skills in capturing the best moments and I also value your patience and the artistic soul!
Show some support by following her:

Hope you are all having a great celebration even though it would be a little bit less fun because of all this Corona situation. Anyway, keep on wearing your Halloween costume and try to celebrate your own, no matter what!

Hope you enjoyed this article,

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