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“Pika Pika”

Hello dear readers,
Today I’m posting some pictures I took one day after the rain. Now in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is the rainy season which means that it rains every day very heavily for some hours. But different from any other country that I have experienced rain, here is still too hot while it rains but at least is much more refreshing than during dry season which starts in November until the end of May. Basically the whole winter and Spring is so dry it doesn’t rain a day! Anyway I enjoy it a lot when the rain stops and the Sun comes out again still so strong and shiny! There’s no such thing as grey skies here so I always prefer to hang out after the rain stops for the air is so cool and refreshing and is not that hot after all. You know, I can’t make it a day without sweating here and and at some point I have almost forgot what it is like to feel cold! I think I miss that! haha

Here I am a super happy kid dressed in yellow! I was totally inspired by these cute Pikachu socks! I have always loved Pikachu and for many years since I was little I have collected anything related to Pikachu. I mean that cute creature has been a very lovely character for all of us through years…Pika-Pika!

As long as Pikachu has this lightning power, I thought it would match a lot with the concept of Glowcoco design. I’m talking about the belt bag which has this reflective color once you turn on the flash!  Glowcoco color-shifting products mimic one of the most advanced biological materials on earth: squid skin. Inspired by the squid all the clothing and accessories have this holographic, reflective, inked fabric and material. There will glow a rainbow out of them each time you take pictures with the flash ON but however you choose to show off your Glowcoco gear, it’ll always look unique. If holographic colors are not your thing, you can explore their traditional silver reflection collection too!

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Flash ON!

You better be safe than sorry! Even though I have felt so safe in Vietnam about the coronavirus, I still wear masks every day! I have been using them since I came in this city for it is very necessary when you are riding bikes. There are lots of bikes out here and all the gas is not so healthy…Just imagine being stuck in a traffic full of motorbikes! Wearing masks is part of the lifestyle here but now that the whole world is using them, why not to invest on some good masks?
Wildfrika has been making 3 layered masks which come in a very good material and are made from the leftover fabrics of other clothes. They are very protective and the face doesn’t get too sweaty! Also the designs are adorable and they are washable and reusable! Wildfrika is a handmade fashion brand that represents a fusion of modern designs and exotic fabrics. The brand was created in Ghana, West Africa currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Enjoy your shopping!

Mask: Wildfrika
T-shirt: Only
Belt Bag: Glowcoco
Socks: H&M
Sk8 Hi Slim Shoes: Vans
Neon Keychain and Necklace: Circle of Kurisu

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