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Hello there folks,
How are you all doing? Me and my boyfriend are planning to go on a very long trip soon and for that I have already planned the comfiest outfit. So, I took some pictures together with our dear black and red Suzuki motorbike that we ride everyday in the city. Ahh, since I have come in Vietnam I have fallen deeply in love with motorbikes even though I am still not good at driving it but I am totally fine with my boyfriend driving it anyway. I think it’s a fear that I can’t escape for now or I just like to be a passenger all my life!

Going from a “Girly” to a “Tomboy” look real quick comparing to the previous article because that’s just how I am. Well, most of the time I am more like a tomboy because I have always been like that and I don’t really have an explanation about it. I just think that men’s clothing sometimes are way cooler and all my life I have grabbed my dad’s oversized T-shirts and then my boyfriend’s and so on. I also buy stuff at men’s sectors many times just like this sleeveless shirt I am wearing which is a brand new one from H&M. Sleeveless shirts are totally my thing too. I love them so much I cut my T-shirts sleeves most of the time! But let’s not focus on it for now but take a deeper look into these super adorable pants by Thai Harem Pants and take some notes!

Super comfortable three quarter pants with elasticated waist and adjustable drawstring that you can find only at: . Perfect for many occasions like lounging, rock climbing, juggling, free running / parkour, and in my case just riding and exploring around. I am totally in love with the two tone swirls design which is different on the front and back and also printed on the pockets. Don’t you just love it when cool pants have also pockets like this? It feels like an extra to me! Find the pants by the name: Two Tone Swirls Prints Women’s Three Quarter Pants in Black Gray at and do not forget to use my discount code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF for every order at the site. World wide and fast shipping straight from Bangkok, Thailand. Thank me later!

I need a moment to appreciate this huge and amazing backpack that I found at ! I mean isn’t it adorable? And it has space for everything I need when I travel or go camping for I’m the kind of person who likes to bring a big part of my home during such adventures. There are things to be decorated and things to enjoy so this was definitely the bag that I was looking for. It is made with light-weight denim and it is lined with fabric. The roll-down top is with velcro and buckle closure and that vinyl bottom makes everything much easier to place all the stuff. As you can see it is really big and I just got to love the classic printed designs of Sure Design T – Shirts in general but this one comes with the Infinitee OM and the brand’s logo too! You can find it easily by searching with the name: Infinitee OM Denim Oversize Backpack in Denim Black at where you can also save some money here too by using the same discount code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF! Check out the site for you will find really cool clothing and accessories with psychedelic, spiritual and funky printed designs.

Dimensions: 22 cm x 32.5 cm x 14 cm

So, this is it for now. I hope you enjoyed the article and I will let you know soon of my next destination. Until next time, make sure to travel safe if you’re traveling, enjoy the ride and work hard to shop even harder!

Lots of Love,

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