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Hello everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying this peaceful period that the month of May is giving us. To me it is like a period that slowly begins to present the summer season with all its magic. It seems to me that people are calmer, more positive, more motivated and inspired during this period as nature is at the peak of its flowering. The day is very long and it seems like there is time to do everything. And oh summer evenings are the ones I enjoy the most throughout the whole year.

So during these days I had more time to visit places with nature and of course, during the process of relaxation and grounding, I have also taken some pictures! I feel very grateful for my boyfriend who always tries to do his best to photograph me whenever I can not collaborate with a professional photographer.

This time I was wearing another outfit from a slow fashion brand that I really love, called Lotus Tribe Clothing. All their designs are eco friendly because they are ethically made with plant based fabric. Isn’t it awesome? Also, in addition to the fact that they design clothes that do not harm nature, they also promote a lifestyle that has to do with the protection of our great home and our mother, Earth. And of course, I could not be happier than supporting such a brand. I think it is very important that people start waking up from all this consumer chaos by not buying clothes that hurt us all collectively. Lotus Tribe also plants a tree for every purchase they make so keep in mind that every time you are buying from this brand you are also helping Nature and all of us with one more tree in our environment.

I was wearing this unique Onyx Shakti tank top. I really fancy the strap design in the back and it also has a built in bra! So, no need for any extra bra to wear this top. And I think this is awesome considering how annoying it is to wear a bra during hot summer days. It is also very comfortable to do sports, exercise, do yoga etc.

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*Shakti embodies the active feminine energy and is the primordial cosmic energy thought to move through the universe. On the earthly plane, Shakti most actively manifests through female embodiment and creativity/fertility.

This time I chose to wear items from their Onyx Collection in which includes this lovely skirt too. It’s design is asymmetrical, giving the whole look an elven vibe. It can be worn as it is but also with leggings or flared yoga pants like the ones I am wearing. They just look perfect with these pants. You can find them by the name “Flared Yoga Pants in Onyx“.  The material is stretchy organic cotton which makes them fit perfectly!

And adding one more layer in case it gets colder during the day. The Sage Ninja wrap is one of the items I love the most. The material is super soft and so stretchy it allows you to wear it in different ways like tying it in front or by wrapping it around the back or just by keeping it open like a vest.

I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot!


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