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I know it’s too early for the Summer collection but I couldn’t resist posting these pictures and I guess you have noticed that seashells are my specialty. All of the necklaces in the first two pictures are sold out except for the spiral one in the middle that I never posted.

So yesterday I tried to catch the sunlight and take some more close up pictures of it. I have found it by the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam. And it is the most special seashell I have ever found my whole life and it really is very important to me. I even was a little bit “afraid” when working with it for I didn’t want to ruin any part of it’s natural beauty. But I made it and I decided to call it “Oceana” and it’s now on sale! So, if you love it, hurry up to order it by sending me a message before it’s too late!

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PS: If you also like any of the necklaces in the first two pictures (which by the way, are made with crystals too) you can send me a message and I can make more for you.

Lots of Love,

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