O.Z.O.R.A – Psychedelic Tribal Gathering Festival

Hello everyone! Since we are all staying home and I can’t go out to take some pictures, I thought to dive in my archives and see through the memories. Suddenly I remembered that I never got to post on the website about my experience in “O.Z.O.R.A” Festival, a Psychedelic Tribal Gathering. I rechecked the pictures and there were lots of them so embrace yourselves dear readers, this is going to be a very long post! During the trip from Tirana to Budapest I have been holding a notebook where I would write down everything special that I needed to have with me forever. So here I am reading that notebook again just to make sure I haven’t forgotten any important detail to mention. The very long trip we took by buses, made the awaiting even harder. But since we arrived, even the air started to feel different.

Ozora Festival Main Gate

On the way to the gate I bought some wine to have a proper opening of the journey. I set down next to the main gate waiting for our friends to come and in the meantime I took some pictures of these cute puppets holding the gate.

After a few hours and a bottle of wine, my friends arrived and we got a bit stuck in the line to enter and in the meantime, it started a heavy rain. We had to run with our luggages in the dark, following the noise and other people. When we finally thought we were inside that massive Luna Park, we put one of our tends on the ground and got inside to take a deep breath and stop for a minute. Now that I remember, we were so tired from the trip and the rain in the dark made it even harder. So we tried to change our clothes to not get sick and put everything inside the tend and went exploring. The first thing we went to, was the cafeteria and that was the moment when I realized I was in the promised land. All those people were so happy, excited and laughing with each other. Some of them were screaming from happiness and howling like wolves. Oh my, I was so happy that moment! I started talking to a few new people who were sitting next to us and it just felt so great!

After having some dinner and drinks, we got inside the “Dome” an amazing stage designed as a dome made of wood. The paintings inside were amazing and full of neon lights! Everywhere you could see around was made of sparkle, colors and excitement. Everybody dancing!

Notes from my Notebook:
The “Dome” was simply amazing! The decorations, the lights, the art, the vibe, everything! I got to listen to some of my favorite DJs: Arjuna & Giuseppe (Parvati Records)…I was waiting for this “Day 0” for so long because of these two artists! It is very exciting to listen to some of your favorite tracks being played by them at that moment and everybody was dancing through those rhythms. My heart was going crazy as I was dancing and feeling the heat. Man this was only day 0!

Arjuna thank you for your magic! Can’t describe the feeling of receiving your energy LIVE while you were playing some of my most favorite tracks!
DJ Giuseppe thank you for your warm welcoming, your work, inspiration and the unforgettable set! I wish there were more people like you on planet Earth!


After dancing a few hours it was about time to check on our lonely tend and rest for a while for the other day would be long. The Sun came up and we finally found our tend easily. We started to explore the area a little bit more and found a “hill” which we climbed by holding on to a rope. I’m usually very afraid of heights so that rope kind of taught me a lot those days.

So these were our tends always recognized by my Aum Flag which I take with me in very special places and trips. It was so much fun having your tend surrounded by other ones. It felt like having neighbors and that was a hell of fun too!

Day 1: All fresh and clean to start the day!

Such a happy Elf!

So after we had our breakfast which I have to say, was really good, the food in OZORA Festival in general was good and delicious, we decided to explore this Psychedelic town by chilling from a place to another, taking pictures and making friends.

When I see through these pictures I feel so proud of our look! I mean, look at us, never looked so beautiful before! A mix of colors and smiles.

Shopping time! Got to love all the shops located there! So many artists exposing their pieces of art for all the adorers of crafted jewelries and handmade clothes. That shopping spot to me was heaven. I would pass there everyday to get lost in those beauties and try new stuff on.

Just two couples going shopping on a Psychedelic Festival. Life was great!

These giant crystals were located behind the Main Stage on a hill. The view from there is wonderful!

And after passing through the giant crystals, you can go for a walk in the Ozorian forest where all the trees have faces decorated in neon and UV lights.

Day 2: Getting ready for the opening ceremony of the Main Stage. The excitement is real!

But first, let’s read the newspaper, “The Ozorian Prophet” – a daily newspaper about the everyday news from Ozora Festival and everything else related to the Psychedelic Culture. The coolest newspaper I have ever read! Also in the picture, me and my friend Daniel are set down to a speaker, just for a better wake up call…

The magnificent catspired “art-chitecture” called “Cat Chapel” made by the wood wizards Wood Vibe Tribe

The Ozorian Lake

Tea time before the opening ceremony. There is a Teahouse where you can drink a flavoursome variety of organic herbal and medicinal teas and healthy potions any time of day or night for free and made with love. Cheers!

This was a very magic moment! All the people were standing around the main stage waiting for the fire to get lit. After that moment, everybody including us started running very fast straight to the stage. I can’t describe that intense feeling of that moment. It felt like the ground was shaking from around 70,000 people running! And when I got myself inside the crowd I really couldn’t believe we were that much!

Lovely decorations of the Main Stage made by Retextil

That day we met Astrix! It was a very hot morning dancing in his melodic rhythms. He gave as a poster of his brand which I still have and right now is up on the wall. Thank you Astrix!

PUMPUI stage

Day 3: Aren’t we the most fabulous “Fantastic 4”? Haha

The day we met Giuseppe and had a very inspiring conversation. We were dancing when we saw him and ran to meet him. Oh, he was so kind and welcoming. He had an amazing ability to make the atmosphere happier and happier. Every word we shared meant a lot and I will never forget them. Thank you Giuseppe!

MIRADOR – The Tower and Art Gallery of Ozora Festival
I’m in love with this piece by Tessa Mythos called “Universal Mother”
“Mindfusion” by Awer Art

That day me and my friend Judit, got inspired to make a painting. Near the Mirador there was a sweet nest called the “Compass” standing as an installation related to workshops, lectures and art therapy. It was so nice working with this very kind group of people who liked to create. Wish all the workshops worked like that!

That’s what we came up with!
Ceramic vases and other artworks
MIRADOR by night

Novelty Engine” is a musical/visual collective with a variable line-up created by Ajja Leu. Ajja is one of my favorite psytrance artists! It was very fun watching him playing the guitar this time and enjoying the joyful atmosphere of psy-reggae sounds.

Notes from the Notebook:
Is there any better way to start the month?


After he finished the live act, we waited for him at the door to meet him again. First time we met him was a few years ago in Skopje, Macedonia where he played in a club there. We gave him a present and also in Ozora we did the same thing but this time our gift was together with a picture of us three. He was very happy to see us again and we were of course very high from the excitement! I would always want to meet Ajja every time I’d have the chance. His music, his art and his energy are very precious to us! Thank you Ajja!

Daksinamurti & Emiel (Sangoma Records)

A moment of peace at the Dome where I caught Asura, that one artist who made me fall in love with Downtempo genre. The only times I have enjoyed downtempo in parties or festivals have been only when I myself have played such genre. So to me it was a paradise being in a crowd of people dancing to that kind of music. Also Asura played some of the tracks that I have also played so that moment to me was very emotional. Some tears came out while I was waving my body round and around. Thank you Asura for the amazing moments!

Good morning!
Crystals, crystals everywhere!
ARTIBARN by night – An alternative barn which awaits visitors to learn ancient and modern ways of creativity. An open space for everybody to learn.
Goa experience in the Rain! Music by Astral Projection

Just another picture with our beloved Ajja after he finished his psytrance set. Little did I know that day, that this would be the best picture of the whole journey!

Views after the Mains Stage was closed.

I’ve always been conscious that O.Z.O.R.A is considered one of the leading festivals around the world but never thought it was this Big! Not only physically but also the energy there was so high I can’t describe. I mean, it feels so damn wonderful to see people creating such beautiful artworks in a professional level inspired by their true visions or external factors and yet creating a peaceful and very kind community who thinks and lives alike.

Freedom is the essence…
Peace is the tool…
Love is the Law!

O.Z.O.R.A taught me so many meaningful lessons besides leaving me with an amount of inspiration no place has ever given me until now. I feel the need to thank everyone who has worked and still works to make this happen and grow bigger year by year! Humanity needs more such gatherings where they can express their true self and fill the emptiness in their hearts. Only the idea that we get to meet all the psychedelic tribes once a year gathered in a place makes me feel so grateful. We’re really bigger than I thought we were!

Of course there are a lot of things I couldn’t mention because right now I’m convinced that if I could write everything about everyday spent in this festival, I would definitely be writing a book! Hope you enjoyed the article as much as I did. If you have any question about the Festival, ask me in the comments below.

Stay home and dive through your archives too!

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  1. Perfect ozora….thanks for your beautiful reminder…my husband and I went the last 2 years from Ireland and loved every second

    1. Thank you…Glad you liked it! I would love to go again. Hope everything goes well until then. Stay safe! :))

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