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Near Summer

Dear Blog,
It feels like now is the right moment to accomplish everything! I’m not sure if it’s the position of the stars or just the perfect weather of these days that has clearly boosted my mood! It is officially the peak of Spring in here and what is interesting is that in Albanian we call Spring “Pranverë” which literally means “Near Summer” … So yes, it feels like the weather is getting warmer and warmer and closer to summer than ever. It looks like the Spring is welcoming Summer with all that sunlight and colorful flowers. Ah Finally!

Surrounded by greenery, I thought of becoming one with nature…again. I love the fact that when it is Spring you can experiment and style your clothes and accessories in different ways making it possible to create lots of outfits. This time I decided to wear this up cycled dress by Foxes and Ravens. It is so comfortable, fresh and beautiful! The fabric is so light and I really like the way it drops on both sides. This dress was part of the Fantasy Everyday Wear Collection which consists of handpicked, up cycled, hand dyed and screen printed items with the adorable logo of Foxes and Ravens. I fell in love as soon as I saw this collection and I really like the idea that some clothes really deserve to be recycled and brought back to “life” in another new form!

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Hope you enjoyed this Phootoshoot!


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