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Momento Demento – MoDem Festival 2022

Dear Blog,
Finally, I decided to sit down for a while and share with you my latest experience. I will try to do my best to express in words the magic that I have experienced these last days. I would really like to summarize everything as briefly as possible, but apparently a person like me does not find it easy to express with just a few words, even when it seems that words are not enough to describe something indescribable. But here I am and I am ready to talk about one of the most beautiful experiences of my life!

Since 2017, me and my boyfriend have been very obsessed about a Psytrance Festival before even attending it… We really wanted to go at that time but many events have happened during this period and finally after 5 years we managed to experience what we had been looking for so long… It’s called “Momento Demento” or “Modem Festival” in Croatia.

All those who have followed me over the years, know very well my love for the Psychedelic Scene and the support I try to give as much as I can with all my creative skills. So far I have been to some other Psy Festivals and parties around Europe, but I have to say that MoDem Festival was something truly unique!

We went there with a group of friends very prepared for the festival lifestyle. We decided to build our little camp just behind the main stage, called “The Hive” so we could be able to listen to all the sets even when we would be chilling at the tents. It was precisely this stage where the magic happened. We arrived a little earlier than the music started, so those first days we tried to do our best to have a very organized environment in our tents. Also, the excitement was so high because every day, new people came and put up their camping tents and we shared precious moments together. Also, what was very cool was the fact that from time to time, all of us who were there those days started to howl like wolves as a sign to show that we are eagerly waiting for the stage to open and the music to start!

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And finally, the long-awaited day came and the stage opened. The energy was so high on that dance floor… Everyone was very happy that finally, after 3 years, The Hive was ON!

I don’t know where to start to describing this stage, but it was definitely the most beautiful one I have ever seen in my life! A perfect wooden structure where during the evening, lights and colors were released which created the most psychedelic visuals ever. That structure changed shape and color according to the music, making you not wanting to take your eyes off it for a second. At least that’s what happened to me and it’s very surprising because usually when I want to dance to the rhythms of psy music, I like to close my eyes and navigate in my imagination…but in this case, the whole imagination seemed to appear on the stage and I didn’t really want to miss any detail of its magic. Sometimes it seemed to me that it breathed, as if it was a living creature that gave us energy and strength to continue dancing as a big tribe. And sometimes when I saw it, it looked like a vulva that also represents the organ from which life is born… In a few words, that stage gave not only light, colors, sacred symbols, but life itself. It may seem very surreal, but this is exactly how I perceived that masterpiece! It was the first time I saw such a large group of people, on a dance floor of psy music, all of them focused on the wonders that the stage offered… Almost like a cinema to dance… or like a portal that connected us to many other dimensions…believe it or not! Also, it was the first time for me to dance on a dance floor where the DJs and artists are not visible… But you see and experience only the wonder of their art combined in a perfect way with the designers’ visuals. And I think this is a perfect way to appreciate more the art that psy artists create. That’s why I take the opportunity to thank all the artists and designers who worked to make this unique experience possible!

@cosmicskywalker1000, @tas.visuals, @waynevisual, @the_hybrid_project, @fractal_metatron, @inner.reflection,, @remvisualart, @infimensions

Do I need to say that the music was perfect? I was so excited to listen to some of my favorite artists and DJs like: Lurker, Rawar, Orestis, Atriohm, Tengri, Arjuna, Confo, Giuseppe, Jahbo, Onkel Dunkel, Sator Arepo, Cracked Nozes, Anakis, Drury Nevil, Loom, Zzbing and many more! I enjoyed all the days and nights of music…even when I was “sleeping” at the tents! hehe

All the items I am wearing in this picture are handmade by Lotus Tribe Clothing. I was wearing the Sage Ninja Wrap, Sage Utility Bag and the Onyx Festival Skirt. Super comfortable and exactly the style I want to wear not only in a Forest themed festival but also in my everyday life! hehe
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In front of the Hive is the Mo:Dem Shop, where besides ordering healthy food and hot drinks, you can also visit the shop dedicated to this festival. There you can find some fantastic artworks made by different artists. I adore sacred geometry and I am always curious and excited to see new artworks related to these symbols.

Artist: Björn Jelinek
Artist: Decorination
Artist: TinyPixel Mapper

Meanwhile on the other side of the festival… We had to go down some stairs built in the forest to get to the other stages. The moment you go down, you can look at the river where you can sit and spend relaxing moments. In front of the river there were some psy shops with clothes and accessories handmade by different artists. Heaven…I know!

Morning faces :3 ^^

Just like The Hive, there was also another impressive stage for alternative music, called “The Swamp” . It was decorated with a giant sculpture made by one of my favorite artists, Daniel Popper. And on the sides there were two structures like Pagodas where the artists would play the music.

The Swamp at night

In this picture I was wearing the tie dye hooded poncho jacket by Thai Harem Pants. I love it’s hand dyed pattern and the soft cotton material. You can order yours at where you can also use my code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% Discount! World Wide Shipping!

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After The Swamp, the road leads to the Art Gallery where you can check some of the selected visionary and psychedelic paintings and designs by different artists. I took some pictures of some of my favorites:

Artist`: Visionary Art by Messiah
Artist: Luis Tamani
Artist: Jeff Angelo Art

And next to the Art Gallery there was the “Seed” Stage where you can chill and dance to some Chillout music.

View from our camping tents. We chose to call this “The Balcony”
The last night at the Camping Area

These are more or less the pictures I took there. You can also check my Instagram and TikTok for more videos. But I have to admit that there is no amount of pictures and videos that can really show the magic of this festival…I’m telling you! I wish everybody in the world, gets to experience this festival once in their lives.

Thank you MoDem Crew for everything! See you again!

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