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Marble Mandalas

Hello dear readers and followers,
These past few days I have been in a holiday kind of mood with working days in between too. Since I have come back in Albania I haven’t spent enough time with my family and friends. When we gather, we always like to hang out or travel in places we like to relax or have a feast. It has always been like a tradition! So one of these weekends I went in Pogradec, a lovely town by the lake which me and my family adore so much, we have managed to own a holiday house there. A holiday house because we mostly go there during Winter or Summer holidays because it is truly a place where you can totally relax. What I love the most about Pogradec is the cool climate! There is no such thing as really hot Summers there…But you can still go to the beach and also get a tan but the Sun won’t necessary burn your skin. The air is super fresh and at night you really need a warm blanket, even during Summer! Doesn’t it sound like a super chill location to escape during really hot days? It definitely does for me!

Sometimes when we decide to spend the weekend there, we also like to visit Ohrid, Macedonia because it’s near Pogradec. There’s also another location even nearer before going to Ohrid called “Sveti Naum” where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape full of natural beauties, restaurants, cafes and also stay by the beach of Ohrid lake. So, while we were there I took the time to shoot some pictures because I thought the backgrounds were really satisfying but tourists definitely not! haha

My outfit for that day was this cute knitted crop top which matches perfectly with the black and white mandalas of these new harem pants. As you can tell lately I have been wearing lots of harem pants for they are truly the most comfortable kind of clothing in the world! I love how the fabric is so wavy and no matter how you move, they still look perfect. I can walk for hours with these on, I can dance all night, do yoga with even more motivation and enjoy my free body. The brand that have made me fall in love with them and now my personal source of harem pants is definitely Thai Harem Pants ! This brand is no no longer a secret now since I have always tried to share it with you. And there’s also a code I have which you can use for discounts every time you order at / Type: CIRCLEOFKURISU at checkout for 10% OFF! There is a huge amount of beautifully made harem pants and other clothing made by a team of talented creatives in Thailand. Very fast and world wide shipping! Order yours!

Love the marble pattern and mandalas on these pair and low cut is definitely my favorite style for harem pants. They can also turn into a jumpsuit very easily because it’s cut simply allows it. The fabric is made with thai rayon making it very light, wavy and good looking too. Perfect for lazy Sundays lounging, doing yoga, hula hooping at a music festival or just traveling around and enjoy nature like me! But I can’t wait to see myself in these in the next music festival no matter when is the right time for them to happen again.

What do you think of this outfit? Type in the comments below!


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