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Hello there people of my blog,
Once in a while I go through my archives to check my memories and throwbacks and I realized that I hadn’t posted some really nice pictures I took at Psymbosium Festival in Mount Olympus, Greece! So, I immediately selected some of them and here I am, making a new blog post! Hope you like it!

Ahh, my 20 days vacation in Greece were simply AMAZING! There is not a day that I don’t think about the memories I made there with the best people! I have some friends who live in different cities in Greece so I got to spend my time with them. One of these friends is the elven girl who stands behind the handmade clothing brand that I love Chaosmatic Clothing. I stayed at her place for so many days and also had the chance to visit her studio where all the magic happens!

So, apparently I had the chance to check all the items she had at the studio and of course I couldn’t resist buying some items! I really adore the feary, elven, fantasy kind of fashion she designs and also the materials are really good! One of the things I ordered was this Maple Leaf Vest in Violet. Chaosmatic Clothing has made me fall in love with vests and also one of the very first items I have ordered at her shop, was a vest! This one is quiet different. I really love it’s big hood…It can literally cover all my hair and turn into a shadow if I’m craving for one. The fabric is upcycled cotton, making it super soft but also warm. I think that this vest can be worn in different seasons. So far, it has worked perfectly well during the summer…Looking forward to wearing it in colder days!

Then I noticed there was also a belt bag made with the same fabric. Of course I had to make it mine! I’m such a belt bag lover in general but this one is quiet big and it really completes the whole outfit once worn with the vest. What do you think?

You can make your orders at Chaosmatic Clothing – The vest and bag can be made to order with other material for your size! All you had to do is DM her! World wide shipping!

Part of the outfit were also this green top I have bought in Ozora 2019 and these lovely tie dye leggings by Thai Harem Pants. There are plenty of other tie dye designs on their site so check them out and don’t forget to order with the code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF! World wide shipping!

PS: The seashell necklace is handmade by me and it’s still available on my
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Hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did getting back to this lovely memory! I miss going to a Psychedelic Festival already!


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