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During the Autumnal Equinox me and Oniro Photography went in a very special place in Nature for Mabon rituals, making offerings and some magic! I am very impressed by her talent as a photographer and I’m so glad our vision synced since the beginning! You should definitely check her work out!

Mabon is a pagan holiday that celebrates the autumnal Equinox. A celebration that is also about the second harvest of the year making Mabon a very good time to give thanks. The name Mabon comes from the Welsh God, who was the son of the Earth Mother Goddess. He is often portrayed as a young man or warrior, is the cultural hero of one of the medieval Welsh myth, the Mabinogion. He is born a Divine Child and his birth is associated with some kind of miracle, like immaculate conception, similar to the stories of Jesus, Buddha and the Aztec man-god Quetzalcoatl. As a baby Mabon is kidnapped and taken to the otherworld (AKA underworld) and is eventually rescued, echoing the story of Demeter and Persephone, who are two figures from Greek mythology closely associated with the autumn and spring Equinoxes. Mabon also marks the first day of Libra Season in Astrology. This is a time from moving outward during the season of Virgo and the fullness of summer to a time of introspection. The Libra, with its focus on balance and harmony, is a turning point in the Wheel of the Year. Mabon also marks the end of the Witch’s Year marking the last sabbat holiday in the Wheel of the Year.

During this holiday, pagans often go apple picking as a way to celebrate. Apples are a common symbol of the second harvest during this time. People may use these apples in a special ritual, expressing gratitude to the Gods for the good harvest. Some might do a ritual to find balance and peace in their lives, as this holiday marks a day with equal daylight and darkness. Another common practice is setting up an altar with symbols of the season, like apples, grapes, and other things harvested at this time. And, of course, no celebration would be complete without a feast shared with family and friends.

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Blessed Mabon!

And wish you all a peaceful Libra Season!

This time I unleashed my inner Forest Elf with the help of the wonderful clothes ethically made by Lotus Tribe Clothing . Since the Halloween season is around the corner, here’s a reminder to shop mindfully for your costume! Why buying mass produced single use costumes when you can create unique looks and characters with sustainable items, handmade with love that you can wear any season of the year! This way you also take care of Mother Nature! I mean… what is the point of celebrating Nature if you don’t try to save her in the first place?

I’m in love with this Sage Pixie Skirt made of soft stretchy tree pulp viscose fabric knit with 10% elastane. Perfect to wear in festivals for all the lovely elven fae kin but also when hanging out during summer days and Autumn with leggings and other layers! The idea is to create as many looks as possible with just a few quality pieces made with love!

I combined this Pixie Skirt with this lovely Sage Ninja Wrap! I have another similar sleeveless one but since it fits me so much, I thought to order another one with long sleeves for colder days. It is designed to be soft and smooth, making it a great choice after a yoga session or for casual everyday wear. The part I love the most is its generously sized hood and the see-through detail on the back, adding a unique touch. You can tie the wrap in the front for a shirt-like look like I did this time or wrap it around the back, or leave it untied and use it as a layering vest.

Order your favorite Lotus Tribe item with the code CIRCLEOKURISU for 20% OFF the price! World wide shipping!

I hope you enjoyed the article and wish you all a good and cozy Fall!


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