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Love, Flowers & Elephants…

Hello there everyone,
How is it going out there? Things are still super confusing these days and it seems like it’s almost impossible to arrange sure plans. This pandemic is really lasting longer than I thought and all we can do is to learn how to continue living when things are not sure. We can start to teach ourselves to not have any expectations, no worries, no plans and just living in the present no matter how hard it feels. I’m trying to do my best to get on with my schedule even though the levels of stress and anxiety have been higher than ever. But what can we do? Except staying safe and protecting ourselves and each other? Yes, we can also learn how to remain calm and positive by hoping for the best and finishing our tasks as much as we can everyday. What I have learned is that everything will feel a bit better anytime you take a long deep breath…try to remember that!

So no matter the situations I am the kind of person who loves to celebrate meaningful dates and this one was dedicated to me and my loved one. I made sure to look as “lovable” as I could by wearing this adorable dress by Thai Harem Pants . Yes, at you can also find beautiful dresses with boho patterns like this one. I chose this because I love elephants and I didn’t really have anything with elephant pattern on my wardrobe so I thought to start with this one. Besides the pattern that is full of blooming flowers and elephants, I also loved the tie in the back which is with adjustable straps and elasticated back waist to make it look perfect on your body. Also the bust is adjustable with tie back ribbons. It’s super comfortable for it is made with breathable light-weight rayon fabric. It is maxi long and it also has two side slits in both sides. I think it’s the ideal summer outfit for any kind of occasion.

You can find the exact same dress at by searching with the name Blooming Elephant Tie Back Maxi Dress in Black and you can also use my discount code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF for every item you order. Fast and world wide shipping from Bangkok, Thailand!

As I mentioned before, me and my lover always like to celebrate our meaningful days so that day we set in this very nice place and drank some cocktails and shoot some pictures. He is my personal photographer and in front of him I feel more camera-ready than with anyone else. Well, that’s because I love him and I can be totally myself when he is behind the camera. I can express my emotions freely through my image and also show parts of my darkest fantasies because he has already touched them and he knows what to capture. I am so glad and proud that his skills have improved and he is learning all about my best angles even though my camera is getting a bit old and not working properly. Anyway, here’s to love and all the magical things that come with it! Love is the Cure! Cheers!

Hope you enjoyed this article and I wish you all a good day!


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