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Hello there,
I am so excited to finally share this photoshoot I took a few days ago showing off my Lotus Tribe Clothing outfit! This is an eco friendly clothing brand which designs plant based women’s wear especially for yoga. And I have to say that I really find myself in this shop so I ordered a few items and here I am! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

The Ninja Wrap in Sage was love at first sight! Literally the first thing that I wanted to order! I really love it’s shape, the color and the hood. The material is super soft and so stretchy it allows you to wear it in different ways like tying it in front or by wrapping it around the back just like I did in this look.

The see thru knotted detail in the back of the wrap is just so adorable! I really love this technique on ethically made clothing!

I couldn’t go without ordering this sage utility belt! It really is Everything! I love it’s leafy shape and the fine embroidered details including the lotus flower in white. It also comes in the exact same color as the wrap so I knew they would always make a good match together! It has two pockets on the front and the biggest one is in the back. Also it’s adjustable wrap makes it possible to fit on any waist size! Perfect for festivals and other activities where you need to stay hands free from the bags. It can keep all your essentials wrapped around your waist!

What can I say about these flared yoga pants in Onyx black! Definitely the sexiest pants in my wardrobe, I swear! It’s stretchy organic cotton material just fits perfectly on my body and it feels like they look gorgeous on every body! They seriously made me think I should start wearing more tight clothing.

You can order your Lotus Tribe Item on where you can check all the other ethically made items in different colors too! You can also use my code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF on every item! They ship world wide and they also plant a tree for every purchase! Isn’t it wonderful?
Read more about it:

Part of this look were also these magical macrame bracelets made by my dear friend Mystic Lunativa I am amazed by her patience and creativity in what she does. You should all check out her Handmade Jewelry shop and make your orders online:

And the Crown Chakra necklace is made by me with resin and fluorescent purple pigment. You can find this collection on my Etsy Shop:
Instagram: @circleofkurisu__art

Hope you enjoyed this post and wish you all a good start of the new month! Can’t believe it’s September!

Until next time,

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