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A sweet afternoon spent in another garden of a beautiful Temple around my new neighborhood…As mentioned at the previous post, there are so many Temples and Pagodas around from the oldest to the newest so why not to spend the free time at these sacred and peaceful spaces? The one I visited this time was called “Longevity Temple” (Chua Van Tho) which represents the Long Life in Joy and Happiness and the rebirth from many lives and pasts. This temple was full of plants which were not just normal plants but herbal ones that they use for the clinic built inside of the temple. The cure is for free and it’s mostly about bone’s pain and skin. There is also offered delicious vegetarian food! I got to enjoy the beautiful art appeared in many statues of Buddha and meaningful symbols and paintings. In this temple I learned how to bow properly every time I’m in front of a Buddha image or statue to fully honor the presence of his energy. There are different decorated rooms and stairs to climb to go on the top of the Pagoda…The view from above is amazing. It feels like walking inside of a jungle developed into a temple! Love the smell of the flowers and incense sticks lit everywhere. Feelings are up in free air and I felt emotional and very very grateful.

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