Kurisu in Ozora – Illustration by Alice Yushko

Hello there everyone! Today I am super excited to share with you a beautiful gift that I received last night that really made my whole day. I am currently going through many important stuff to solve during these hard situation of the pandemic and when I receive such soulful gifts, I remind myself to feel more grateful, patient and hopeful that everything is going to be alright. So that’s why I thought that it would be great to share this piece of art on my blog hoping more people will follow and support the artist that I’m about to introduce. Alice Yushko is an artist from Russia who has been painting basically all her life. She says that painting is as natural as breathing for her. Alice got graduated in University with a degree as a Graphic Designer and since then, illustrating became her main focus and passion. She loves to use lots of colors in her digital illustrations but she knows to choose them wisely because for her to bring colors into illustrations is a way of spreading beauty in the world. Her main goal is to bring positive emotions to people through her illustrations and I can admit that her magic worked perfectly on me!

Alice got inspired by a picture of me in Ozora Festival 2019! One more reason to fall in love the illustration! haha. Ozora Festival is the first big Psychedelic Trance festival that I have ever been and it feels like all the blessed memories will be always expressed in this illustration too! I just love how she was very careful to choose and illustrate some of the details from the photo that define me like my hair, the dreadlocks, the clothing, the elven ears, the necklace with a star shaped pendant and all the jewelries. The color palette she has used gives me eternal peace and reminds me of the blissful feelings I was experiencing. Thank you so much Alice for this lovely gift! I really appreciate your time, work and dedication on this artwork and I am glad to be a source of inspiration for you! You guys should definitely check her page and follow her for more digital illustrations of her style:

Photo: Inspiration

Hope you enjoyed this article! And remember, sharing is caring, always!


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