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I’m so excited to finally write this article for it will represent a short description of another great experience I have had in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This time I was part of tour around the city with a very cool team who would film the whole tour and would catch the perfect moments of our journey. It was so much fun being part of this team of motorbikes and rolling around some specific points of the city. “Senses of Saigon” here we go!

First things first: Food! Our first stop was in a traditional market where you can find different kind of fruits, vegetables, local traditional dishes etc. I was so happy to be guided by people who actually eat these kind of food in a daily basis while for me they are still so Tropical! haha. So I tried the Dragon Fruit which was red inside different from the other ones that I have tried which were white from the inside. So delicious and juicy! I also learned that there are two different kind of mangos…Guess I will always go for the green and strong one. Yummy!

Say Hi to my lovely rider Tâm who accompanied me the whole journey,
sharing our stories and impressions along the way!
A very old Chinese Neighborhood

We also visited an old and very important Temple where we lighted spiral incense sticks like we have never done before. At the bottom of the stick would be hanged a red envelope holding your wish or prayer in it. Then the incense stick would be hanged on the ceiling until it will all burn and turn into ashes. Such a magical moment out there!

And oh the incredible “Cà phê sữa đá” (Vietnamese iced coffee)! But this time we tried a very traditional one. We went to a very old bar inside of a market which happened to be one of the oldest and very well known places especially for the coffee. I tell you guys, this coffee it’s the most delicious coffee ever but it is so strong that you don’t need another one for the whole day! I have even come to a point in my life when I do not really need so much coffee anymore…as long as Vietnamese coffee it’s strong enough to keep me up the whole day, well I guess that works totally fine for me!

What can I say about this beautiful neighborhood! All the walls of this hood were painted in colors, flowers, plants and trees…All the same style. You know why? Because there was only one artist who have painted them for years. All he was ever doing was painting and decorating the place where he lives and to me this is beyond inspiring! I’m so glad we also got to meet the artist by chance and had a conversation with him. We also tried to paint a small part of the wall by following his advices! How amazing is that?

Thank you KIX Tours for this amazing experience! It was so much fun rolling with you guys and trying new stuff about this city. Stuff that could’ve taken us weeks or months to try or visit and with you it was possible in one day only!

And the cherry on the cake was this amazing video of the whole tour. Enjoy some Vietnamese delights:

Hope you enjoyed this other perspective of Ho Chi Minh City!


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