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Hello dear readers,
Today I decided to write an article about a very special place for me. This place is called “Tujani” and lies very close to Tirana, approximately 10 minutes by car. I adore it so much because it is composed of a wonderful mountain landscape which changes color and texture according to the seasons. Between the mountains there are springs, canyons and rivers where I usually choose to bathe every time I visit this place during summer when the temperatures are very high. I usually come here with my friends and organize a camp by the river and stay there for a few days. This type of landscape offers us the sensations of the “beach” when we dive into the “bathtubs” that the river with the stones create, but at the same time there’s another feeling served, that of mountains vacation since the surrounding view is full of mountains and wide fields with olive trees. During the night the stars put on a magnificent show and now that I remember, there I saw, for the first time, a night sky full of stars, the most I’ve ever seen in my life. This place has always been very special for my boyfriend, too. He has always loved it so much that most of the Psytrance music festivals and parties we have organized are located in different areas of Tujon. And by the way… in this place I have danced to the sounds of Psy music for the first time and from that day the romance for this place and that kind of music genre started.

I couldn’t resist without revisiting this place after returning from Vietnam. The nature in Vietnam was wonderful and very tropical but apparently nothing can replace the nature of my country or at least that’s how I feel about it. I missed that fresh air, those hills, the olive trees that emit giant shadows and I also missed the river’s “noise” that happens to be my favorite sound. So last weekend I decided to spend it right in this place where we held a small private party just for ourselves. The day passed by arranging the place where we would stay starting from the placement of the camping tends, choosing the right place for the fire where we would warm up during the night, and also where we would cook. And after everything found its place and after having the delicious lunch that the boys prepared, my friend Judit and I decided to take some pictures during the golden hour of the sunset. Hope you like them!

I was wearing this lovely tank dress I ordered at Yes, Thai Harem Pants is not only my personal source of harem pants but there I also find beautiful handmade dresses like this one. The material is solid crinkled cotton making it super wavy and soft. My love for oversized clothing has never faded so here’s one more reason to love this dress. There are two different pieces of fabric designed in a way to not make the dress look transparent and oh the thick sides are my favorite detail. You can find the dress by searching with the name “Crinkled Hill Tribe Cotton Tank Dress” at where you can also choose it in your favorite color between black, teal and brick. Don’t forget to add my discount code CIRCLEOFKURISU at checkout to save 10% of the price! They ship world wide and there’s also an offer about the free shipping. Check it out at the page!

And here comes the end of this post. Hope you liked it and feel free to ask questions or leave a comment below!


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