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Hello Spring!

Hello Spring and welcome back! I have been longing to feel you again! It’s finally the 1st of March and I decided to celebrate it with two other amazing women who are some really good friends of mine. We went in nature and had a picnic, enjoyed the Sun, the birds, the green grass and of course, took some pictures. Hope you like them!

There are so many reasons why I am exited about the Spring time this year but I will try to write them shortly here. First of all, I get much affected by the weather and I am definitely a “Sun” person…I have also mentioned it here before how energized and positive I feel on sunny days. This has been one of the reasons why I lived one year in Vietnam…a tropical country where the Sun would shine almost every day of the year. Coming back in Albania, I had to restart my routine including the four different seasons of the year. I have always loved Autumn for it’s fresh air and the first feelings of cold and yes, I enjoyed those first cold days more than ever! Then the Winter came and I have found myself mostly home, taking care of my stuff, my cat, my plants, my love, my creations and taking time to stay alone and reflect. Since I work as a freelancer, I have built a small studio in a room of my new home and I pass most of the time around there which means that I don’t really meet people every day like I used to when working in offices etc. So I confess that I have never ever been so alone in my life especially when I compare it with the crazy, chaotic everyday life in Vietnam. This Winter I have been so alone and that has never really been my thing. But during this alone winter time, I have learned so much and most importantly I have realized that the alone time, is a blessed time. I have learned how to listen more to myself, talk to myself, understand my soul and respond to my body. I can proudly admit that the cold, grey, rainy days of the old Man Winter, have helped me heal those parts of myself that I never focused on before. That’s why I feel so ready for the Spring this year! It’s time to be reborn, it’s time to bloom, it’s time to socialize again and enjoy the green lights of this season together with the warm Sun rays, flowers and the breeze.

So inspired by the Spring, I designed some new resin pieces! There are a few necklaces, a pair of earrings, keychains and other crafts I will post soon. They are made with small yellow flowers which I found during the last days of February and thought they would be the perfect elements for the first Spring Collection.

Rounded Necklaces – Send me a message to order or follow me on Instagram for more updates: / World Wide Shipping!

Small jewelry box

Keychains and more oval and square pendants.

Spring Earrings

It’s the first time I am wearing this adorable tie dye dress by Thai Harem Pants and I am in love with it! Seems perfect for the summer days but since it’s not that hot yet, I decided to wear it with this shawl hoodie cardigan in black by Sure Design Clothing which makes the outfit warmer and perfect. What do you think?
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That’s it for this article. I need to thank my talented friend, Mariana who has done a great job behind the camera. I hope you enjoyed it and liked the pictures and my creations. Don’t forget to send me a message to order!


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