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Grow through the Dirt

Hello there! It’s been a while since all the world is driven into a completely new situation and our daily lives are not the same anymore. The outbreak due to Coronavirus has affected us all no matter how used are you to stay locked home for a long time. As a freelancer and also a Taurus (known for the laziest sign of the Zodiac and also the kind of person who always prefers to stay home and invite people over than hang out…) well, I’m a bit used to it but not this much! I prefer staying home when out there is nothing worth to leave my personal Temple BUT once in a while I go exploring different spots and new places, you know I need my dose of inspiration as creative and a…Taurus? But let’s not stick to the Zodiac because I’m afraid this article would never end. Let’s stick to how beautiful it is to stay HOME! I mean, you wake up whenever you want, you prepare the best breakfast by taking it slowly, have your coffee, have a skin and hair care routine like you always prefer to do, light some incense sticks, put your favorite relaxing music and make love to the amazing person reflected in the mirror. Basically this is what I do everyday and then I open my laptop and start working on my daily schedule until I put a tick in all the stuff I had to do. Meanwhile I can have sometime to relax, cook, eat and I make sure to dance everyday. Spending time with my lover and my baby cat is my personal therapy and I make sure to do the daily workout with him every afternoon (very important). Despite the situation, each one of us can use it by taking care of ourselves and loved ones more than usually. Have your day scheduled your own way even if you have to clean the house (that you should so put some heavy music meanwhile, it helps). A hot bath and some meditation before sleep is the key to avoid anxiety! Also it’s time to make all the fantastic mixes of different herbs and create a tea recipe for each day of the week, because it’s fun I think.

One of the parts I enjoy most doing home, is chilling on my rooftop which is full of plants and flowers and there’s also a big aquarium as a house for a couple of big fishes with their babies! I go there almost every day to enjoy the view of Saigon in the shades of sunset. Here is where I get my eyes relaxed after working on vectors and pixels by watching as far as possible. Some exotic fruits and lots of water, the world is mine. Oh, by the way, that self care routine has made me straighten my hair like I never do se here, I serve you some straight haired Kurisu in her rooftop that she loves so much. Oh, and if you see my feet dirty, don’t worry…I prefer staying barefoot around here.

My last advise is: Stay positive no matter how cliché this sounds. If we all stay positive and take care the right way, all this shall pass. Think about how amazing is the fact that the our Mother Nature is finally breathing! Not that she hates us but because we used to be so busy to think about how much she gets hurt just because we use machines to even go to work in the morning. But this planet is our only Home, our shelter, our main source of energy and life. I think sometimes we as humans need to pass through changes and difficulties so we can learn. That’s the only way! When all of this is over, I’m sure that all of us have learned a lot of our past behaviors and I really hope that we will all be more responsible and caring for the environment, animals and air pollution. If we are managing to change our lifestyle, we can manage to change many bad habits for a better life, a better planet, and a better us.

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change…”
– Lewis Caroll

Stay safe kids and wash your hands!!

Lots of Love,

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  1. Lovely pictures! And a very nice piece ☺️ Thank you for spreading kind words around the globe, especially in this times. Sending you good vibes and a lot of huggssss!
    P.s. your day’s routine sounds amazing! 👌🏻

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