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Glow in the Dark with Glowcoco

Hello there,
Today I’m serving you this new album of pictures I just captured wearing the new belt bag by Glowcoco. This was one of those brands which appeared very attractive to me because of that reflective effect. It was nearly unbelievable that all the Glowcoco products glow so much! So, I couldn’t hesitate to order a new item! Belt bags are a necessity if you live in Vietnam for they are very practical and helpful when you are on a motorbike which by the way happens all the day every day! So yeah, I order this magical belt bag and I was amazed when I saw it’s effect! The trick is that it looks different in real life (still cool) but once you turn the flash ON, there’s a holographic rainbow reflective apparel! For the first time ever I was convinced to take pictures with the Flash ON like I never really do. Check them out:

Picture with the Flash OFF

Based on 500 million years of evolution in the deep sea, Glowcoco color-shifting products mimic one of the most advanced biological materials on earth: squid skin. Inspired by the squid all the clothing and accessories have this holographic, reflective, inked fabric and material. There will glow a rainbow out of them each time you take pictures with the flash ON but however you choose to show off your Glowcoco gear, it’ll always look unique. I can’t wait to see myself wearing it especially on a festival in the future. If holographic colors are not your thing, you can explore their traditional silver reflection collection too!

Check the shop here:
and the good news is that you can save some money by using my discount code: CIRCLEOFKURISU420 for 15% OFF for every item! Yaaayy!

Flash ON!

Glow in the Dark with Glowcoco! FREE worldwide shipping on orders over 75 USD! I hope you enjoyed this post and hope to see you wearing reflective fashion!


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