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Genie in the Woods

Dear Blog,
Say hi to the first article for this new year! Lately I have been feeling very inspired and motivated. Maybe my New Year’s Resolutions have helped me to be more grounded to achieve my goals. On the other hand, it seems like the day is finally getting longer which means that the Spring is not so far and Spring time is such a Big Deal for me. I have mentioned it a lot on the blog also because it really has a an impact on my mood and senses. Keeping this in mind, I am excited to embrace the new cycle while I’m enjoying the resting, reflective and calming days of Winter while it lasts.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present you the most favorite look of my boyfriend! haha…No, but really he was amazed when he saw the pictures and he thinks that these shades of colors fit me the most. What do you guys think?

I was wearing these Genie Women’s Cotton Harem Pants in Brown by Thai Harem Pants – my best source of harem pants, palazzo pants, leggings, dresses etc. This pair is a choice I made for the winter season because their material is thicker than usual harem pants and they work fine with a pair of leggings under on cold days. The waist is elastic and has two pockets on the sides.

Order it:
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This adorable hoodie shawl cardigan is just made out of the perfect colors! Love the combination of mustard and brown! It is really unique for it’s asymmetric and pointed sides and warm enough!

Available to order:
Use the discount code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF!

Necklace Available:


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